You Have the Freedom to Create Your Own Reality During This Pandemic

We have never experienced a threat to humanity as deep-seated as the Coronavirus pandemic that incapacitates us from the inside out (at least in my lifetime).

I compare it against the wars that have raged between nations and though these wars can and have obliterated towns and nations, there’s still the ability to fight or to flee. In some shape or form, we can still move ourselves to action.

I then think about the global financial crisis of 2008 which stripped away hard-earned money from workers and brought down global economy, our way of life though slowed down didn’t have to change.

But this pandemic has put us into the freeze response. We don’t know when it will hit each one of us. It’s like an invisible ghost that pervades most of society and only makes itself known when its hit us unknowingly.

It attacks the very essence of life, our breath.

It uses what binds us together to its own benefit, spreading itself through our established communities.

And its relentless in its pursuit, stronger than any virus we’ve ever encountered.

What its done is pulled the rug of control from underneath our feet and threatened our very survival. And so, we all do what we must to protect our species.

We stop the spread by sacrificing the essence of our modern global economy… the give and take, the social interaction, our ability to go from one place to the next, the handshakes, the hugs, the coming together to be in a state of high energy whether it be a concert, a sport or a festival.

And so from the macrocosm, we’re all forced to make our world smaller… right to the smallest unit of community we can have, to each of our homes.

The state of our home, the dynamics of our relationships (including your relationship with yourself if you’re living on your own), where we chose to live, who we chose to live with, our daily routine are all magnified as we’re all forced to isolate in our homes.

There’s probably only a very select few who are feeling absolutely grateful for having built their life to where it is now, have done their inner work, and are capable of managing the forced introversion.

But there’s a big many who would unconsciously turn to their addictions, whether it be alcohol, food, Netflix, and the like, to aim to get through this time. Perhaps constantly telling themselves that all this will pass.

Yet, as the days go by, there currently doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

Right now is all we have.

I’m not one to push people into personal development when they haven’t chosen to do so. Unfortunately, the lockdown/isolation/quarantine has put us in a state where we either choose to go about the way we always have in a different setting or we take up the challenge to deal with what’s not working.

Do you use work as a way to escape family life?

Do you use your Friday night drinks with your mates as a way to numb the week that has passed?

Are you itching to have coffee with your girlfriends so you can moan about your teenage daughter?

Are you having a hard time carrying the burden of caring for a sick family member?

In what ways do you feel that your current circumstances are limiting your means of fleeing from your situation in life?

I know that this is not easy for those who experience family violence or who don’t have as much resources to live somewhere more comfortable. If this is you, I urge you to find the professional support you need.

If this isn’t you and you do have the ability and are willing to choose to improve your home life, then I urge you to read on.

What you feel as a disturbance to your life usually hits one or all of your core values.

Your core values are the fundamental principles that guide you in your life. They dictate your choices, your decisions, and your actions. They show you what will make you happy and fulfilled in life.

For a lot of people, FREEDOM is a core value. So of course, forced lockdown/isolation/quarantine, hits to their very core. They might feel like they’re in a prison in their own home, unable to go or do the things they usually do.

But what freedom means to me is different to what freedom means to you. For some, this pandemic has given them the freedom of time, having released them from the shackles of too many appointments in their calendar.

So perhaps, the way to still fulfil the core value of freedom is to inquire what it feels like in your body, what the external activities give you, and see how you can replicate the same in the microcosm of your world right now.

You can apply this process to all of your other core values and map that to each area of your life… home, health, family, love, finances, career, friendship, leisure or fun, creativity, community, spirituality.

There has never been a time like now where we’re all forced to become creative. How wonderful is that to activate this part of our human nature that’s usually only relegated to artists and discover that we have it within us, too.

You have the freedom to create your own reality. What will you choose?


If you need support, please get in touch.