Soul Flex: Seated Yoga, Guided Meditation & Reiki Healing

Seated Yoga, Guided Meditation & Reiki Healing

Combining breath work, seated yoga, guided meditation and Reiki healing, Soul Flex is the perfect way to relax body, mind, heart and soul. This 1.5 hour class will explore seated yoga positions that will release tension in your limbs, joints, neck and spine. Once your body is relaxed, you can enjoy a guided meditation to help calm your mind and a Reiki healing to revitalise your energy centres, also known as chakras.

The seated yoga component of this class will build on 2 foundations: (1) correct posture, which encourages good blood flow and stability in the body, and (2) diaphragmatic breathing, which has positive physiological effects and naturally calms the mind. The Meditation component of the class will teach you the various Meditation styles and you’ll get to experience them as well to find what’s best for your personality, lifestyle and learning style. The Reiki healing is a bonus to assist your body and mind to come back to a balanced state or homeostasis.

As this is a seated program, Soul Flex is suitable for everyone and is great for people who work at desks and/or in front of the computer, those with limited mobility and those who find conventional floor yoga challenging.