Women’s Meditation Course

9th, 23rd Sept 2019 7th Oct 2019

From Stress to Ease

Transform your day-to-day life from being a bundle of stress to moving through with ease using meditation, stress management, positive psychology and self-awareness tools. Learn and practice various meditation styles and breathing techniques that have been proven to bring positive physical, mental and emotional effects to improve quality of life. 

By the end of the 3 x 2-hour sessions, you’ll feel…

  • Empowered to improve your life
  • More self-aware and discovered what Meditation style suits you
  • Confident in disengaging from stress and living with intention

This is for you if you like to use natural tools to better your life and understand the theory behind it, while also committed to bringing about positive and lasting change. You’ll be provided with handouts and recording of the Guided Meditations from each class. In between each class, you’re invited to follow through with home practice and fill in any worksheets you’ve been given from the previous class.

Doing this course with a group provides you with support and keeps you accountable, which are very important when you’re establishing new habits into your life.