Why Somatic Therapy Goes with Energy Work

“To heal” means “to become whole.” Though there are different paths to healing and different modalities available to you now, I always advocate that you choose one that engages your body, mind, heart, soul and energy altogether as they’re all very much interconnected.

This is very much evident in the human energy field where your main energy centres, also known as chakras, correspond with the layers of aura. Your chakras absorb universal energy, transform and transmit the life force (also known as ki, prana, chi, etc.) through your meridians or nadis to your nervous system, your endocrine glands and then your blood to nourish your body. Since the chakras vitalise the physical body and each part of your physical body serves you in daily life, they both help towards development of the self.

Chakra literally means “wheel” as chakras are whirling vortices of energy in the human body.

Its important for them to be open and functioning well to remain healthy as that would mean you get an abundant flow of energy and you can transform and transmit it as required for your own good. In stark contrast to this is illness or dis-ease where its obvious that people who are ill lack energy to engage in various aspects of life, not just the physical but also the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects (which correspond to each chakra).

In my previous post, I shared an illustration that shows the main function of each auric layer and chakra. Below is another illustration that further connects each chakra to the physical body.

As a summary, each layer is associated with below:

  1. Etheric Body and Base Chakra – physical functional and physical sensation; automatic and autonomic functions
  2. Emotional Body and Sacral Chakra – emotional aspect of human beings; sexual functions
  3. Mental Body and Solar Plexus – mental life and linear thinking; digestive functions
  4. Astral Body and Heart Chakra – vehicle for love of self, others and humanity; heart and thymus
  5. Etheric Template Body and Throat Chakra – self-expression and communication; throat and thyroid
  6. Celestial Body and Third Eye Chakra – higher will and wisdom; pineal and pituitary glands
  7. Ketheric Template Body and Crown Chakra – celestial love; pineal gland

An energy healing session usually consists of working with a client’s chakras and auras to remove any blockages and direct universal life force where needed.

However, its quite important to engage the client in bringing to their consciousness the reasons behind why they would close their chakras subconsciously and/or leak their energy. When the client is aware, the energy work being done by the healer becomes more powerful.

At the same time, its also very beneficial for the client to take an active role during their healing session. This is where somatic methods come in.

What does somatic mean? 

Somatic comes from the Greek word “soma” which means “the living body.” The soma is known to hold memories from past emotional challenges and traumatic events due to the effect these had on your central nervous system. Your body is affected by these changes that it can alter your physical posture, mannerisms, facial expressions and even the way you walk.

I use a body-work modality which puts pressure on various meridian points on your body which holds tension and emotional pain, which are released through the active engagement of your breath, ie breath-work.

Your entire being is a marvellous system that works for your own benefit. With added knowledge, you can empower yourself towards your own healing. I encourage you to start today so you can enjoy life to the fullest!

Please get in touch to determine if this is right for you.


Article Notes:

  • Image was found on Instagram but didn’t manage to find the true source when I tracked it down.
  • Most of the information presented here is from Barbara Ann Brennan’s book “Hands of Light” and the Reiki Level 1 Training I underwent with Jenni Mears.

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