Why Looking After Your Energy Body is Important

Ever heard of the saying, “Not your monkeys, not your circus!”? It?s the same with energy.

Put energy only where it matters and give back energy that?s not yours to keep.

You live in a sea of energy. People, plants, animals, our natural environment all have their own energy footprint.

Remember when you meet someone or watch someone on TV and they’re just so “full of life”? Or when you can automatically sense if someone you love is feeling low even if there are no obvious outward signs? Or when you a see a stranger standing along a street and you just know not to go anywhere near them because they seem “dark”?

All these are signals from a person’s life force energy and/or their energy bodies, also known as aura.

Everything in our Universe is energy. You not only interact with others through your words and deeds, or what your five senses enable you, but you also relate with and receive information from others through your aura.

The different layers of your aura surround and inter-penetrate your physical body and are associated with each of your energy centres, also known as chakras. Your energetic make-up then connects you to both yourself and others.

Negative words, attitudes and actions against you whether inflicted by your own self or by others, or vice versa, can have unpleasant effects on you physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and energetically.

Notice your energy level when you?re upset about a situation at work or what a loved one said. Notice how you feel heavy in your body and your shoulders may be slumping. When you feel this way, you probably can?t think of anything else and feel like your daily tasks require more effort than usual.

When you allow these low emotional and energy levels to pester for too long, they can become sources of physical and mental dis-ease, and you start to build up contraction in your body that in the long term becomes akin to stored trauma.

Ancient Hindu traditions have taught these for more than 2000 years as evidenced in the Vedas (1,500 ? 500 B.C.), the Yoga Upanishads (circa 600 B.C.) and the Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali (circa 200 B.C.).

Now, science is finally catching up. A study done at the HeartMath? Institute has shown evidence of the energy exchange between people as produced by their hearts when they touch or are physically near each other.

The book The Scientific Basis of Integrative Medicine (CRC Press, 2005) through extensive medical research has presented that the pineal gland converts light, temperature and magnetic environmental information into neuroendocrine signals that regulate and orchestrate body functions. At the same time, it presents the theory that the pineal gland works with the energy centres or chakras imparted by Eastern medicine and philosophies.

What all these mean is that while you?re your own sovereign being, you?re also very much interconnected with the world around you. It is through this knowledge that you can empower yourself so you?re not at the effect of the energy around you.

You can never be certain about life and what kinds of moments it?ll present to you but you can still stay on top of your game and not get derailed by difficult situations through looking after your own energy field, that which includes your chakras and your auras.

I?m not sure if this will sound counter-intuitive but the more that you stay grounded in your own energy field, the more that you?ll actually be able to relate with the world around you in a very present and connected way. This is because you?re able to distinguish what?s yours and what?s other?s and able to respond in an empathic way.

The illustration below shows the various areas of life that each of the chakras and auric layers are ?responsible? for, and they are also very much interconnected with the various parts of your body.?

On my next posts, I’ll start to unpack each of these parts of the energy body so stay tuned!

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