The Three Gifts Underneath the Pandemic Restrictions

When the quarantine laws, isolation requirements, and restrictions as a result of the spread of the novel coronavirus started coming in, did you suddenly regret always postponing that coffee date with your best friend?

Or perhaps having moved that trip to see your parents in the country another week again?

Or maybe you kept postponing going to that retreat you’ve been keen on joining.

Or always waiting for the perfect timing to go on that trip of a lifetime?

You didn’t realise how much of your freedom has been yanked away from you, did you? And that you probably always thought you could always schedule it another day…

Well, before covid-19 happened, you had everything under your control. You had these 2-year, 5-year and 10-year plans.

Now, you couldn’t even plan for the next week because you don’t know what new laws will be imposed then.

It all probably feels very frustrating. You can’t wait to get your life in order. You’ve got all these cool ideas for your business. You want to go see the world.

But you can’t. You’re in an invisible straight-jacket you didn’t put yourself in.

There are gifts underneath all these restrictions, you know.

Truth is calling you.

The pandemic-related laws would have removed most of the ways you escape what’s truly going on in your life.

You can’t go to the bar, or the movies, or to parties, or to the gym, or wherever it might be that you go when you say “I just need a break from the daily grind”… or a break from looking after the kids … or a break from fighting with your partner.

Everything is now front and centre. This is it. Life has forced you to confront the problems you usually sweep under the rug.

Believe me when I say that if it weren’t going to happen now, it will always happen sometime… and it might come at a more un-opportune time than now.

And believe me when I say this is good news, too.

Because these are bubbling up now to be resolved. You cannot resolve what’s not in front of you.

So use this time to wade through the muck, understand each piece of the jigsaw puzzle of your life, reflect on what you genuinely want for yourself and have those important conversations, even if you think they may be “difficult”.

Connect deeply.

This is probably the most time you’ve spent with those you live with.

You’d usually only spend this much time 24×7 with your partner and/or your kids if you were on a holiday, right? Or if someone were sick and you had to always be by their side.

Every habit, every pet peeve, every sound they make, all the complaints, their beliefs… these are all magnified. You’re a witness to all of these all day.

And if you live alone, this is probably the most time you’ve had a kind of “self-retreat.” You’d usually only do this by going to an actual retreat.

So you hear your self-talk a lot louder than before. You feel your emotions so much more. You witness yourself in all your unhealthy habits.

And sometimes, it just all feels too goddamn much.

Now that you have “all the time in the world” because you don’t need to go out (well, you’re not allowed… haha), would you care to be curious?

Doesn’t those pet peeves make your partner/child unique?

Aren’t those heavy emotions trying to tell you something?

You don’t need a holiday or a retreat to connect deeply with yourself or your loved ones. You can do so now.

Your soul is begging to be heard.

When your life is overrun by a full calendar, to-do lists, big projects, one client after another, one event after another, pick-ups and drop-offs one after another, its hard to hear the voice of your soul.

Your soul is that eternal part of you who’s come in this lifetime to experience life.

Your soul is not your body, not your mind, not your heart, not what happens to you, not what you’ve achieved in this world, not what you have.

Your soul is the unique part of you that magically breathes you into every step you take, every word you speak, every goal you make.

Your soul is also your internal guidance system.

She’ll tell you when something’s not right. And if you keep ignoring her, she will tell you through your body, mind or heart.

Sometimes you can’t explain it. Sometimes you just know when what’s in front of you right now is not for you. And sometimes you just know when something that’s in front of you is what you’ve been looking for this whole time.

So start listening.

Because she will lead you towards a path you never thought possible for you.

“Stop giving other people the power to control your happiness, your mind, and your life. If you don’t take control of yourself and your own life, someone else is bound to try.”

— Roy T. Bennett


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