If you keep telling yourself its time to look after you but life keeps getting in the way and you slip back into old habits of putting others' needs above yours, then this 2021 year-long membership is for you.

Receive guidance, tools and support that will help you embed self-care into your life. Say goodbye to recurring stress and anxiety, and shift from surviving to thriving.

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Go on a monthly subscription for 12 months at only A$27 per month. You can cancel anytime. Available only until 11-Feb.


Pay in full and you receive 2 months free at only A$270. Join anytime. This is non-refundable.

Please write your best email address and full name in the Paypal notes box during payment. You will then be directed to the Private Facebook group where all announcements and information will be made for this program, plus your support group.

Self-Care is a Necessity, Not a Luxury

Every month, we start on the New Moon when you will start to receive the following (via email and private Facebook group):

  • a recorded or live video for the topic of the month
  • a virtual women's circle to gather with other women (for the FIRST 10 women who signup; to be scheduled on Sunday afternoons)
  • Q&A live
  • recorded or live self-care practices that I will facilitate
  • self-care plans for the month and so much more
MONTH 1: Core Values Work

Establish your core values. Uncover what has been driving you consciously or unconsciously in life and then lay down the top values you'll use to guide you this year.

MONTH 2: Start Thriving

Alleviate constant stress and anxiety. Learn about your nervous system and 3 different ways to inform the involuntary functions of your body to transition from fight-or-flight or “doing all the time” to rest-and-digest or “simply being”.

MONTH 3: Using the Power of Your Mind

Befriend your mind to set yourself up for success. Learn key meditation techniques to power up your health and wellness.

MONTH 4: Establish a Gratitude Practice

Shift towards a positive mindset that is authentic and uplifts your view of your life.

MONTH 5: Reform Your Inner Critic

Gain awareness around your inner critic who always judges and shames you in everything you say, do and be. Learn how to speak with that inner critic so you can calm her down.

MONTH 6: Master Self-Compassion

Become your own best friend and learn how to speak to yourself in the midst of challenges. Learn how to shift from your inner voice of fear to your inner voice of love.

MONTH 7: Feminine Self-Care

Learn how to cycle with your feminine body and eradicate burnout once and for all.

MONTH 8: Going into the womb-cave

Cultivate your feminine aspects during winter time so you can enjoy the womb energy that this season brings.

MONTH 9: Reclaim Your Heart

Go deeper and get in touch with your heart. Heal the cracks and forgive yourself for what you regret in life.

MONTH 10: You are worthy

Deeply know that you are enough and you are worthy of your desires and dreams.

MONTH 11: Create Meaningful Relationships

Develop emotional agility and learn communication skills to deepen connection in your relationships.

MONTH 12: Completion Ritual
Dynamically release what you don’t wish to take anymore into the next year. Mine your wisdom from the year so you keep what you’ve learned and use it to grow and build in the next year. Set your intention for the year ahead.

You deserve to be the queen of your life.

You cannot serve from an empty cup.

You cannot continue running yourself to the ground. You know its not good for your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

That hot bath, that red wine, that weekend away is not going to cut it if your nervous system is fried from being pushed too much.

As someone who trained with you and experienced your ability to hold a truly safe space for Women with integrity, skill and courage, I can only imagine this is going to be a highly transformative space for the Women who join you.
Kristin Nielson
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Its easier together

The Self-Care Lounge will be a sacred container that helps bring about self-awareness, healing, sacred feminine wisdom, feelings of belonging, and spiritual growth.

It’s a space where you’re able to explore stepping into the parts of you that you’ve hidden from the world, becoming more of who you know yourself to be, letting go of deeply-held challenging emotions at your own pace, and attempting different ways of expressing and communicating in a safe and supported space.

When you step into this space, you hold yours and every woman’s heart, body, mind and soul with reverence, free from judgment and competition, and in confidence. You promise to hold loving and compassionate space for every woman in the circle, through active listening and opening your heart. And you respect everyone’s uniqueness and appreciate the wisdom that is shared.

These shared agreements enable women from all walks of life, of all sizes and age, to connect and simply be themselves free from any prejudice. In this space, we connect at a soul level.

Though there is a facilitator, every woman journeys together based on the program that the facilitator brings. No one will fix you or give you platitudes, but everyone's experience will contribute to your healing and growth.



The Self-Care Lounge was inspired by the "Pledge to Stay Well" Journal by Saint Belford, which I learned of through the amazing woman who runs The Self Collective Co.

So I have partnered with The Self Collective Co so that the first 10 women who join receives a 10% discount to buy their "Pledge to Stay Well" Journal to add to their self-care commitment.

Only available for sign-ups until 13th Jan.

How to know if this is for you

  • You've lost your centre and sense of self due to the events of 2020.
  • You want more confidence, joy and energy in 2021.
  • You're open to natural wellness therapies, spirituality and changing your mindset to grow as a person.
  • You're ready to commit to putting yourself first.
  • You're open to delving deeper into your truth.
  • You're looking for a quick fix to your problems.
  • You won't commit to the inner work and practices that will be given to you.
  • You're afraid to face your true feelings.
  • You just want to do this because of the fear of missing out but will not really be there every week.
  • You have been diagnosed with a mental illness and currently don't have the internal capacity to hold space for yourself in case something triggers you.


I work in a unique way to support you towards living courageously. I’ve shied away from the cookie-cutter approach and having clients “fit in” to a specific modality.

You see, I’ve been trained in a number of modalities... different types of energy healing, somatic therapy, meditation teaching, women’s circle work, holistic counseling, mindset work, and restorative yoga.

So I use all of these together to help you holistically because when practical, mindset, embodiment and spirituality are integrated is when you build innate courage that moves you towards thriving in life.

This is true empowerment.




Receive an End of Year Completion Ritual self-led program from start to finish, which includes a recorded meditation journey (34 minutes long), plus practices to release the challenges and disappointments of the last year, mine your wisdom and set your intention for the year ahead.

Don't start your 2021 without this, especially after how 2020 has been for all of us. I caution you not to vision board anything until you’ve released the year that has been.

If you do, it would be like putting on fresh, clean clothes but not having showered. You’re still bringing all the muck from the last year, ignoring them and deluding yourself its all good now since you look different.

How would that feel? Icky, isn’t it?

Same with your experiences in life!

With ritual, you mark what has been or what will be. With words, you bring sound to your thoughts. With the act of signing, you bring action to your commitment.

The physical experience with words, action and the feelings behind it create a memory for you.

A completion ritual connects your head, heart and body to close the door on one part of your life, so it doesn’t have an unconscious “hold” on you.

“Ritual is one of the ways in which humans put their lives in perspective, whether it be Purim, Advent, or drawing down the moon. Ritual calls together the shades and specters in people’s lives, sorts them out, puts them to rest.”
— Clarissa Pinkola Estés

“I was one of the attendees this morning, it was great and just what I needed. Such a lovely way to start the weekend, thank you Abigail. You held a lovely space for us all. I highly recommend to others if you’re thinking about it and it was nice to be around like minded women that want to take charge of their minds and thoughts. I think there is no greater gift you could give yourself and your loved ones than to take time out to look after yourself and be at your best!”
Abi is a big hearted and generous soul. She is gentle yet strong in the way she holds a non-judgemental, safe space for you to be present and let go during a healing session. I have worked with Abi before and the openness and vulnerability that she has shared made me more comfortable to be open as well. I highly recommend her for a healing session.
Danielle Street