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The First Step to Changing Your Life

AWARENESS is the first step to change.

You can’t change what you don’t know. You can’t plan to be successful until you know what that looks like for you. You can’t ask for more unless you have a reason why.

You want to feel fulfilled in your career? Then tell me how does it look when you do?

You want to feel great in your body? Does that mean you need to be on a certain weight?

You want to manifest the man of your dreams? Then I wonder what you want him to tell you everyday that you’re together.

You want your day-to-day life to be easy? If so, what would your ideal day look like?

Being aware and then being clear can set you on a path to change, especially if you don’t like what you’ve been aware of.

Here is a process that I use with all my clients which you can use to know where to start:

First, rate how happy/joyful/content/fulfilled you are in each area of your life.

The various life areas are:

  • HOME – your living environment, your house, your suburb
  • HEALTH – your level of fitness and general health
  • FAMILY – immediate and extended
  • LOVE – romantic partnership and sexuality
  • FINANCES – financial situation
  • CAREER – your profession or job
  • FRIENDSHIP – social interaction and your support network
  • LEISURE (OR FUN!) – your creative expression, art and craft
  • COMMUNITY – your contribution to your community, volunteer work or charity
  • SPIRITUALITY – your personal development, spiritual growth or sense of purpose

Second, rate how important each of these areas of life are to you.

Once you’ve done these ratings, it will become very clear to you why you feel discontent in certain areas, fulfilled in others and neutral in some.

Third, for the most important areas in your life which you’ve rated as low in positive feelings, brainstorm what you need to bring them up.

Change is not easy but it doesn’t have to be big from the get-go. Sometimes, all you need is one new and small habit to implement.

Where awareness is the first step to change, consistent action is what actually creates the change.

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