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"It’s time to end the delusion that burnout is the price we must all pay for our success."

Arianna Huffington

I wonder when’s the last time you genuinely smiled

... you know, that smile that just bubbles up from the inside and feels exhilarating in its simplicity? I’m not talking about the forced smile of keeping up a brave face because you’re stopping yourself from truly sharing how you feel from fear of making someone uncomfortable. Its the smile that says “I feel content”, “I feel worthy”, “I am enough,” and “I got this.”

It must be hard to come by these days, hey? I believe you.

There’s a lot of pressure on mums to have a successful career, build a good family, have a beautiful house, be everything to everyone, and still look great while doing it.

Weekdays become an endless cycle of wake-up, prepare for the day, bring the kids to school, go to work, come home, prepare dinner, sleep, repeat. Weekends are all about bringing the kids to sport, maybe meet friends and relatives, clean the house somewhere there, prepare for the week ahead, repeat next weekend. (I just got tired writing that!) There’s hardly any time for rest and relaxation!

No wonder chronic stress, depression and anxiety have become epidemic in our society. What we need to do is stop buying into the beliefs that success in life will only come from burning ourselves out and that we need to meet these expectations that always seem to be beyond reach... thereby causing anxiety. They’re causing us disconnection from our true selves and thereby causing depression, too.

Don’t despair because you can turn this around. Congratulations for taking this first step to live a healthier and purposeful life.

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