Somatic Energy Healing

Somatic Energy Healing

Its about time you give yourself the same attention and energy as you give to everyone else

But first, you have to get your “old self” back. She’s the one you grew up with, the one who has all these dreams for a bright future, the one who knows what her capabilities are, the truth-teller, the confidence-booster, the one who has her days filled with what she loves to do best.

But you call her “old” because you hardly see her these days. You were all set to pursue a dream but life got in the way. You used to love to sing, dance, exercise, do sport, or be creative but you can’t find the time anymore. You’ve replaced confidence and trust in yourself with fear.

Plus you’re always tired and stressed out. Life feels like a runaway train that you boarded and couldn’t get off.

You know its time to do something about it if you’re experiencing any of the following:
  • depression, constant stress, anxiety, worry and panic attacks
  • low energy or always feeling drained
  • inability to “switch off” or have a good night’s sleep
  • self-sabotaging and unhealthy habits you can’t control
  • unable to engage with others and the world in a meaningful way

How would you feel if I told you that its still possible to live the life you desire?

I’d love to see you walking around feeling empowered and…

  • More aware of your body and feel sooo good in your skin
  • Able to focus your attention on what really matters
  • Have natural self-confidence and freedom of expression
  • Feel connected to your true self
  • More relaxed, peaceful and able to sleep better
  • Always present in your interpersonal relationships

Book a Somatic Energy Healing Session Today

The Somatic Energy Healing session I provide is based on the internationally approved healing modality called Embodied Inner Alchemy™ (more info at 

An Embodied Inner Alchemy™ session is a revolutionary healing method that reconnects the vast intelligence of your body with mind, heart, and spirit.

It combines somatic therapy, breath-work, body-work and energy-healing to support you to:

  • reduce stress, anxiety, pain and panic
  • release trauma that your body is still holding on to without re-experiencing it
  • resolve past unpleasant experiences such as heartbreak, grief and inability to communicate
  • release unwanted patterns, self-sabotaging habits, and unhealthy pre-conditioned beliefs

An Embodied Inner Alchemy™ session is a powerful way to create lasting change.

Somatic therapy engages with your body in its wholeness. “Somatics” comes from the Greek word “soma” which means “the living body.” It uses the natural capabilities of your body to activate healing together with mind, heart and spirit. This includes breath-work which is the practice of consciously controlling your breathing, and body-work which involves working with your body’s energy flow. All these with the support of high vibrational healing energies, either Reiki or Magnified Healing®, whichever is called for during your session.

With this unique body-centred and natural approach, you become a conscious and active participant to your own healing and give your body a new frame of reference to support your intention.

What does a Somatic Energy Healing session look like?

Your Somatic Breath-work and Body-work session begins with a conversation to discover what you feel is a priority for you at this moment and to set an intention for your session. An agreement is made between yourself and the Practitioner on what parts of the body you do not want to be touched to provide a safe container for both parties.

A Somatic Energy Healing session is usually done with you lying down on your back on a massage bed. Your breath is intentionally engaged in a conscious, connected and relaxed fashion, with no pauses between inhale and exhale, and can flow either in and out of the nose or mouth. By breathing this way, your body naturally begins to release physical tension and surface levels of stress.

While the practitioner is guiding you as you breathe, she will also touch on different points, also called meridians, on your body to support in releasing any tension that you are carrying or to release any deeper emotional and mental experiences that have been stored. Your brain and body can learn to release what no longer serves you when you experience the engagement of both breath and body wisdom in the safe container of your healing session.

Please note that not all sessions involve lying down on the bed. Your consent and comfort is required first and foremost.

Your Somatic Energy Healing session concludes with a debrief of your experience and coaching to assist you in making the behavioural changes to meet your intention.

Clients have been known to walk away after the session feeling mentally and emotionally clear, at peace, grounded, energised, and empowered. 

This session can be provided in-person at Caroline Springs, VIC (address to be given at booking), or digitally via Skype/Zoom.

Duration: 1.5 hours to 3 hours for in-person and Skype/Zoom clients.

Your Investment: $180 per session.
Receive a 20% discount (save $81) when you prepay for three sessions.

If you’re called to work with me, you’re invited to book one session first. Once you feel that I’m truly able to support you, you’re invited to book the 3-session package to really embody the healing.

Note: I currently only work with women and accept male clients by referral.

Cancellation Policy: 

  • No-shows or cancellation within 72 hours from session date incurs 50% payment.
  • Request for a session re-schedule within 72 hours from session date incurs 20% additional payment.
  • Cancellations more than 72 hours from session date will be given a full refund, minus any merchant payment fees.

About Your Healer

I’m an Embodied Inner Alchemy™ Women’s Facilitator and Practitioner who has been somatically trained for 2 years to be able to provide a safe and transformative healing space for you with a lot of integrity and no judgment.

Having also experienced these sessions for my own personal healing, I’ve gained a deeper connection with my body and, by doing so, am able to bring such wisdom to emotionally and somatically attune to you during your session.

I’m also Reiki Master Teacher and Magnified Healing® Practitioner/Teacher who regularly practices these modalities for my own spiritual healing. I naturally work with these energies during your session to have additional support and always intend to hold UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND COMPASSION.

Embodied Inner Alchemy Academy

International Institute for Compelementary Therapists

Read what others have said about it…

“I first met Abi when I attended her guided meditation session at Salts of the Earth- not having ever done meditation before I was apprehensive though I felt I needed to do something more for myself as my life wasn’t what it used to be and I was suffering severe depression & anxiety.

I let myself be guided and I was open to new feelings. I left the session in awe- I felt relaxed, clear minded and a tingling sensation through my body.

After this I felt really inspired so I searched Abi on face book and contacted her, I told her my story and asked how she could help me.

Abi’s voice is very pleasant, she’s non judgmental and very calming to be around which allowed me to open up to her.

I attended my first Somatic Energy Healing Session which included breath work and Reiki, Abi was warm, welcoming and guided the whole session.

During the session I could feel the warmth from Abi’s hands and tingly energy around certain parts of my body.

After the session concluded I felt very relaxed, tension free and content. The next day I woke up with a smile on my face, and I felt more in control of my mind. Throughout the week I was feeling light, clear, free and happy. I had a can do attitude- my chest felt light with no anxiety which was a huge relief. I felt more in control of my mind and body making myself aware of day to day life and situations allowing me to slow down take each day as it comes.

Open your heart and take the light in; you won’t regret it.


Janine xx

~ Review given on Facebook Page

“I had a two hour breath work session with Abigail, and her gentle energy made it very easy for me to relax right from the beginning. We chatted briefly prior to the session, where Abigail explained to me the process of the breath work session and how things will go, so I went into it with full knowledge. She asked me questions about my intentions and basically allowed me to share how I was feeling at that moment and how things are going for me in my life. She gave me permission to be honest and held a beautiful and safe space for me to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Once the breath work session began, it was easy to feel comfortable and relax into my body. As Abigail moved through different parts of my body, the session flowed smoothly and I was able to surrender to her professional and calming voice. The outcome of the session allowed me to realise my fullest potential in my career and that I will not let fear of not being smart enough stop me.

The breath work was so effective that in the session I experienced a whole life cycle. My body and mind went from growing old and dying to being re-birthed again and this allowed me to realise that I am no longer the same person, that I have been given a chance to re-create my life and the perception I have of my career and abilities.

After the session, I felt light and peaceful. Abigail gave me time to ground myself and made sure I was ok before I left. There was no rush. I am looking forward to my next session. I am so grateful to Abigail and would recommend her in a heartbeat.”

~ Mary Diamond |

“First of all, I would like to thank you for the wonderful session I had with you. Though it is only done through video call as I am here in Sydney, I can feel your presence with me. It feels like we are facing each other. I highly recommend your session to everyone especially those you want to rediscover themselves and bring out the best in them. It is two thumbs-up and definitely worth a try.

The personal growth I received is that I learned to appreciate myself and bring out the best in me. I am able to release some stresses. I am more focus now especially on myself.

How it positively affected me is I now find joy, refreshment, relief and satisfaction.

I would describe Abigail as exceptionally brilliant and superb. I highly recommend her to those you would like to bring out the best in themselves.”

~ Maricel Alimboyao

“I wanted to clear some negative energy that I felt was holding me back from being my true self. The session gave me more confidence and I felt I was able to stand more in my power and ready to handle difficult situations.

Abi is a big hearted and generous soul. She is gentle yet strong in the way she holds a non-judgemental, safe space for you to be present and let go during a healing session. I have worked with Abi before and the openness and vulnerability that she has shared made me more comfortable to be open as well. I highly recommend her for a healing session.”

~ Danielle Street, Marketing Advisor

“Thank you for my recent healing session with you.

I felt supported and held which was exactly what I needed. I had a great night’s sleep and felt soothed and relaxed the next day.

~ Sandra Reiser |

“As a Reiki practitioner Abi is a grounded healer who can hold space and support her clients. Receiving Reiki from Abi I was able to move through and release some emotional blocks from the past. I felt lighter in my body and was completely guided and supported through the whole process. This has allowed me step freely into my next goal with out doubt or fear. Abi has a strong healing ability with a compassionate nature and I highly recommend her if you are seeking a Reiki practitioner with high integrity to her work. Thank you Abi for your guidance and loving support.”

~ Nicci Jaggard/Transformational Healing Artist |

“Abigail is a wonderful, empathetic healer. In my first session I had a powerful and transformative Reiki experience, that deeply opened my heart and reconnected me to feeling loved. Abigail is highly experienced, professional and caring and I would strongly recommend her!”

~ Penelope Jones

“I received a beautiful Reiki session with Abigail and was impressed with her thoughtfulness in preparing the space, her gentle and caring nature, and the results.

I went in with a sore throat developing and she worked intentionally with that area, which cleared it completely. I also felt beautifully grounded afterwards.

Abigail’s passion for her work and heart-centred approach is wonderful and I would recommend her in a heartbeat.”

~ Tabby Dougall, Lightly Centered Holisting Counselling, Groups & Workshops