Self-Worth: How to See Your Light

It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be?
~ Marianne Williamson, ?A Return to Love?

Have you ever wondered why you can?t seem to step up to your full potential? Have you always chalked it up to lack, e.g. lack of skills, lack of wisdom, lack of confidence, not being enough, or not ready yet?

I have. And it?s always been too easy to say all those things about myself. That?s especially if we?ve grown used to hearing negative things. It?s even funny (and sad at the same time) how the ?bad? things get so much more news coverage than the many awesome things that are actually happening in the world every day.

In as much as I have a lot of respect for counsellors and life coaches who have their own proven methods of helping us to live a life we desire, what I realised in my own experience is that no amount of 21-day practice, visioning, 2-, 5-, or 10-year life plans can get me to who/what/where I desire to be until I?ve embraced what they actually present me.

The below excerpt from thepowerpath.com helped me become more aware of how I may not be fully embracing true wholeness.


?This is a big one because we never want to admit our attachment to what we get out of being unwell. It feeds the reasoning behind why we are not stepping into our lives, being seen, and why we are not taking responsibility for our own happiness. It gives us the excuse to be a victim and to be powerless. If we are not imprinted to receive healthy attention and energy by being healthy, we get it by being unwell.

?This month is a good one to uncover the truth about these patterns and to surrender the position of being ?not whole.? The challenges to our well-being this month will mostly be on the emotional level as we struggle with ourselves to be OK with being absolutely 100% healthy. After all, there is no drama or story of intensity if there is nothing wrong with us. So it is a tough order to give it up.?

This struck me not just from a health viewpoint but also in all the other ways I choose to stay comfortable in being ?less than.? That?s because there is a certain magnitude I see in being whole and being big in the world. It sounds crazy to feel this about positive things and what I?ve wished for for so long.

But it?s not that crazy. It?s what Debbie Ford calls our light shadow.

?We fear our own magnitude because it challenges our core beliefs. It contradicts everything we?ve been told. Some of us recognize many of our gifts while others can see only a few, but it?s rare that I meet someone who?s comfortable with the full brilliance of their light. Everyone has different positive traits that he or she has difficulty embracing. Since most of us were told not to be cocky or conceited, we?ve buried some of our most precious gifts. These traits become our light shadow.? ~ from The Dark Side of the Light Chasers by Debbie Ford

The positive traits that we?ve buried become our light shadow and, to a certain or great extent, they can stop us from being who we innately know we are on the inside and be that in the world.

This is the area where I found the practice of self-love to be truly powerful. When integrated into one?s life, self-love helps us become our true selves once again.

By looking at various avenues where we have rejected our own selves, we can turn them around and get on to the path of living in our full potential.

But first, it starts with awareness and shining a light to the parts of ourselves we have disowned.

What positive attributes do you admire in others that you feel at this moment is not you? What if you owned it and said to yourself, for example, ?I am courageous.? Does resistance come up? Where does it come from? How would it actually feel if you became those positive attributes?

Wherever this lands in you, I invite you to be compassionate to yourself. It goes a long way when you are on the path of loving yourself.

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