Self-Compassion Workshop


Sunday, 24th Nov

Turn Negative Self-Talk into Self-Compassion

There’s a dark force that’s taken over a lot of women today… Its the one that moves us to compete against each other instead of supporting one another. Its the one that makes us “look each other up and down” when we first see each other. Its the one that pushes us to run around to do and achieve so many things to no end plus be perfect at them. Its the one that makes us be everything to everyone at our own expense and fix other people’s problems that they sap the life out of us. This dark force depletes our energy and may even push us to depression because it puts us down telling us we’re never enough and we’re not worthy.

Say hello to your Inner Critic.

In this half-day workshop, we’ll work towards reforming your Inner Critic and empowering your Inner Wisdom so that you can live your daily life powered by Self-Love instead of Negative Self-Talk. You’ll realise you’re not alone and you can take steps toward revealing and stopping this self-sabotaging force in her tracks from always running your life.

This is for you if you’re sick and tired of the hearing the harsh voice in your head and the multitude of ways you don’t realise you self-sacrifice, self-sabotage and self-bully. It may even have slowly led you towards anxiety, depression, despair, obsessive-compulsive tendencies, isolation, and procrastination. Don’t let it negatively affect your career, relationships, finances and home that you feel you have no control of. 

Its time to get on the path towards self-compassion, self-acceptance and knowing plus feeling you’re enough and you’re worthy.

You deserve to be the queen of your life, not the doormat.

In this half-day workshop, you’ll…

  • Get to know your Inner Critic archetypes (yes, there may be more than one but you’ll know which one’s on the driver’s seat most of the time) and all the ways she shows up
  • Understand how she showed up in the first place
  • Receive tools to manage your Inner Critic when she shows up in your daily life
  • Learn how your Inner Wisdom shows up and ways to strengthen her
  • Strengthen your ability to break the negative loop and self-sabotage
  • Be able to discern when your Inner Critic or your Inner Wisdom is driving you

This workshop is going to be run as a Sacred Circle in order that you can drop into your heart, have an opportunity to share openly from your authentic self, be witnessed without judgment, assumption or being fixed/rescued, and receive the support that only sisterhood brings.  We will close circle with a ritual where you take a stand for Self-Love.