Sacred Feminine Voice Healing Session

Sacred Feminine Voice Healing Session

Its time for you to be heard!

Is it time to…

  • Speak up to leave a relationship that’s no longer serving you?
  • Express your boundaries with your loved ones?
  • Voice out how you can contribute at work?
  • Communicate to the wider audience your business is meant to serve?

But you feel that you just don’t have enough confidence to do any of that. Or just the thought of speaking up to friends and relatives makes your heart race, your hands clammy, and you start to withdraw into yourself. Because you feel that no one will listen to you, that your message is not worth other people’s time, that you’ve never been the type of person who speaks her mind and can command a room.

Not speaking your truth is now costing you physical dis-ease, anxiety, depression, a declining career, the loss or absence of key relationships, and/or your finances.

Because this is probably you…

  • always have tons of things to do and never have enough energy to spend quality time with your loved ones
  • fixes everything for the people in your life but feel resentful when others don’t do the same for you
  • rely on achieving your goals to feel happy and when you do, you still don’t feel fulfilled
  • there’s always something to worry about
  • feel like you never measure up to your friends or the people around you
  • you think you always get the short draw in every aspect of your life

Deep down you know you can’t live like this anymore. Its like you’re stuck in an unending cycle.

You just wish to be free!


Your sacred feminine voice is that divine wisdom coming from within. Your actual sound is your sacred feminine voice’s unique expression.

When you embody your sacred feminine voice, you can…

  • Listen to and follow your own intuition
  • Speak your truth
  • Express how you really feel
  • Take responsibility for your words
  • Ask for what you need

How it shows up in your life is…

  • You’re truly heard by the people around you
  • Your relationships go a deeper level than before because you’re more present
  • You’re confident in expressing your concerns and views

And more importantly, you live by the wisdom of your sacred feminine voice.


What does a Sacred Feminine Voice Healing Session look like?

Expressing your authentic self starts with reconnecting with your true self first.

In your first session with me, we’ll establish your intention for seeking support and you’ll receive:
✓ A detailed assessment of what’s blocking you from hearing your Inner Voice
✓ Guided Meditation session to reconnect you with your true self
✓ Intuitively-guided somatic and energy healing

The intuitively-guided somatic and energy healing is conducted lying down on your back on a massage bed or seated. It generally includes the laying-on of hands or hovering over on various parts of your body using Reiki, the movement of stagnant energy from your chakras, and/or the somatic release of tension from your meridian points together with conscious breath-work. Your consent and preferences will be established prior to your healing session, and rest assured that your healer will devise the healing that will best support you.

This is a revolutionary method that reconnects your mind with the vast intelligence of your body, heart and soul. It also doesn’t require for any past traumatic experiences or emotional disturbances to be relived for it to work. Should they come up, your healer will safely guide you and support you towards the healing you need.

Your healing session concludes with a debrief of your experience and coaching to assist you in making the behavioural changes to meet your intention.

Clients have been known to walk away after the session feeling mentally and emotionally clear, at peace, grounded, energised, and empowered in their sacred feminine voice. You’re invited to book a least a 3-session package for continued support on the road to lasting change.

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Where: This session can be provided in-person at Caroline Springs, VIC (address to be given at booking), or digitally via Skype/Zoom.

How long: 1.5 hours to 3 hours for in-person and Skype/Zoom clients.

Your Investment: $180 per session. Required to be paid 2 days ahead of your booking date.
Receive a 20% discount (save $108) when you prepay for a 3-session package. Payment can be made via Direct Debit or via PayPal which accepts credit card payment.

If you’re called to work with me, you’re invited to book one session first. Once you feel that I’m truly able to support you, you’re invited to book the 3-session package to really embody the healing.

Cancellation Policy:

  • No-shows or cancellation within 48 hours from session date incurs 50% payment.
  • Cancellations more than 48 hours from session date will be given a full refund, minus any merchant payment fees (if applicable).
  • Sessions can be cancelled within 48 hours due to sickness but a medical certificate will need to be provided to receive full refund.

Re-Scheduling policy:

  • Sessions can be rescheduled if advised more than 2 days ahead of your session. I cannot guarantee you’ll receive your new session date within 1-2 weeks of your last session.
  • Sessions can be rescheduled within 48 hours of your session if due to sickness and if you provide a medical certificate.

No-show and no advise means no refund.

Guarantee policy:

  • If you feel the healing has not been beneficial to you at all after the first session, you can claim full refund within 2 days after the first session, no questions asked.