Meditation Coaching

Meditation Coaching

Are you looking for a natural way to manage your stress?

Would you like to learn how to calm a busy mind?

Do you wish your life feels a lot more meaningful?

Enrol in a 6-session Meditation Coaching Program to start transforming your life today.

This program is suitable for beginners or people wishing to get back into meditation. During this program, you will will learn about the cause and effect of stress, basic breathing techniques, meditation for muscle relaxation and key meditation techniques.

Learning Goals

The programs aims that by the end of the sessions, you would:

  • Feel comfortable and confident about practicing meditation.
  • Have a good understanding of the fight or flight reaction, understand your own stress responses, and be able to disengage from a stress response quickly.
  • Have chosen a meditation style you feel best suits you and regularly practice meditation at your own time.
  • Have started developing a positive mindset.
  • Be able to report a noticeable improvement in your daily life IF you practice meditation daily during the program and do the take home exercises in between sessions.

The world wants your attention, 
but its always your choice to give it or not.
I say give if it aligns with your values,
give if it doesn’t deplete you,
give if its an equal exchange,
and most of all, 
give only if you can give your full presence.

What will the program look like?

This program will be held over a period of 6 sessions of at least 1 hr each week. 

During each session, there’s both a theory and practice component for the topics and practices of the week. To benefit the most from this program, you’re encouraged to do the practices daily in between session.

You’ll receive a handout each week and a recording of the different guided meditations you experience.

With a Personalised Meditation Program, your Meditation Teacher/Therapist will be able to bring more focus to the areas where you need more support.


Sessions are held in person in Caroline Springs, VIC (AU) or online through Zoom.