How to Meditate Consistently

If you’re finding it challenging to maintain your normal routine pre-pandemic now that we’ve been more than 6 months into this, read on.

With the massive change in how we live right now with imposed restrictions, kids learning from home, and blurred lines between home life and work-from-home life, your routine might indeed have changed already.

The irony is that your meditation practice or any healthy habit is more helpful during these times so that you don’t get thrown off-balance.

Do you enjoy the benefits of meditation but struggle to practice it consistently? Here’s my EASY 5-STEP PROCESS TO GET CONSISTENT:

    Define what it is you’d like to do. Set the time of the day and space to do your meditation practice, plus what type of meditation you’d like to do (get your guided meditation tracks ready if this is what you’re doing!) Plus put it in your Smartphone calendar so you get reminded.
    Now that you’ve defined your practice, start with a certain length of time that you feel you’ll definitely be able to do. As short as 2 mins! Don’t overachieve.
    Start with those you live with so they know what you’re doing and ask for private time. If you have kids and have a partner, maybe kindly tell your partner to look after them during your meditation time. If you’re a single mum, maybe set the time just before your kids wake up or when they’re in school. Its also good to tell your friends you’re doing it because it gives you accountability. Joining a meditation group or getting a mentor helps with accountability, too.
    Notice the wonderful effects of meditation you experience after every practice. The effects become your reward and your brain loves rewards! The more “rewards,” the more you’ll stick to your practice.
    Trust that inner voice that told you that having a meditation practice is good for you. If you forget to do it one day or fail to do it, be kind to yourself and be curious why. Resistance shows up when you ask too much of yourself and when you’re pulled back to your old habits. Maybe give yourself post-it reminders around your house or work-desk about why meditation is beneficial for you.

That’s it! I hope this helps you establish your meditation practice or any healthy habit you’ve been wanting to stick!

If you need support, please get in touch.

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