How I was “Called” and found my Purpose

The buzz word these days with entrepreneurs and progressive marketers is this concept of #mywhy or “the why”. I first heard of this from Simon Sinek who is a very popular author and inspirational speaker. I’ve found all of his talks very engaging and hits it right to the core.

Even if you may not have a business, I found that a lot of the concepts do apply to various areas of life. It can help you bring clarity to any area of your life and help you follow through with it.

If you haven’t come across it, it’s summarised as below by Ben Ratner:

  1. Why – This is the core belief of the business. It’s why the business exists.
  2. How – This is how the business fulfills that core belief.
  3. What – This is what the company does to fulfill that core belief.

As someone who’s relatively new to “business,” I’m constantly switched on to various ways I can be of service to you, whether it be through social media posts, blogs, classes or new offerings.

But I’m human, too, and feminine so there’s a natural ebb and flow that I experience when it comes to the level at which I can put myself out there vs attending to my personal needs and private life. (Though I must admit, a lot of what happens behind the scenes can and do feed into the work that I do.)

So I find myself time and time again referring back to my why whenever I create a post or put up an event. And digging deep into my being to the message or offering that’s begging to come up. And its not just something that’s for me, its also something that I intuitively tune into that’s meant for you, you being a part of the collective I’m here to connect with.

Thus, the idea of Calling and Purpose dropped in.

I never planned to become a healer.

Though, perhaps, its something pretty innate in me but I never realised it was.

Are my Calling and Purpose what’s driving me?
Are they one or are they the same?

There was a time when I listened to a lot of talks and webinars and read blogs around “Finding your Purpose.” Examples given were… parenting, your job, who you are to others, and so forth.

I still didn’t get it!

And I know why I couldn’t get it at the time because I wasn’t truly connected to me and even if I thought I was already being spiritual, I wasn’t if I were placing myself in some moral high ground above everyone else. If I wasn’t connected with myself, I can’t be connected to anyone else… which contradicts the very (or one of the many) definition of spirituality… of being connected to and part of this Oneness.

Before I move on to ideas of Calling and Purpose, being two separate words to describe different though connected experiences, I’d like to establish some Universal Truths that underpin my thought forms.

Universal Truths

Whatever religion or spirituality or beliefs or non-beliefs you currently have, I feel majority of us can all agree with these four main ideas:

1. There is a Universal Mystery to life, this world, this Universe. Its the million-year-old question of where we came from and why are we here. This Mystery has been called God, Source, Allah, Almighty, Universe, etc. Whatever form or non-form it takes, it’s behind the intelligence that makes up life and the world as we know it. It defines nature and it will keep coming back to its nature no matter what we do.

2. Humans are a manifestation in physical form of this Universal intelligence. We both have form and choice, unlike animals and plants which have form and an established nature. In established religions, this was represented as Jesus and Buddha and their having the Christ-consciousness that is the full physical manifestation of the universal intelligence while being in human form. They’re called “enlightened” because they have been known to “overcome” (more like understand and have learned to manage the) suffering that comes with the physical form.

3. What moves us in life is our Human Spirit. I see our Human Spirit as a mystery in itself. Just think of people who’ve gone into coma. Their body is functioning and they are said to be unconscious. But the truth is, there is no Spirit that guides the body they’re in. Could we equate Spirit to Consciousness? Could be. Though I feel its something deeper.

4. And then there’s our Soul. Its our specific manifestation in this lifetime. Of course, when I say that, it indicates that I believe in reincarnation and our souls keep coming back until it gets reunited with Source. Even if you don’t believe in reincarnation, there’s still a particular drive of the human soul to self-actualise, the word having been introduced by Abraham Maslow. In his own words, “What a man can be, he must be.” (Both “can” and “must” italicised).

We all have a desire to know, to understand, to become.

So now I come to where this download about Calling and Purpose came from.

Am I “called” to share this with you? Am I “called” to offer these healing services?

And you’ll probably ask “who’s calling?” I must admit that I have indicated in my previous posts around being “called” to this work that I cannot stop myself from doing so. Even the thought of doing so causes me grief which I feel is a big indicator that I need to keep going.

After 6 years of doing personal development and spiritual healing work for myself, I finally jumped in to a Training Course to become a Women’s Facilitator. It was something that I “just knew” I was meant to do. I have built my inner trust by then and was a lot more confident in listening to my intuition when she speaks.

At that time, I thought that was it! I found my Purpose!
Or did I?

Looking back through the last 3 years of running this healing business, I realised that going into this was exactly what it was, a Calling.

And I can see and feel and hear clearly that a Calling is my soul’s call to grow.

I look back through the last four decades of my life and I could see the key times when I heard my soul’s calling, the CALL TO GROW.

At 12, I felt called to get better in school. “I’m meant for something bigger.”

At 17, I felt called to join a dance group. “Its time for my creative expression to be seen.”

At 25, I felt called to move to a different job. “Its time to claim my expertise.”

At 28, I felt called to move my family to Australia. “Its time for a new adventure.”

At 30, I felt called to get my fitness back. “Its time to take care of my body again.”

At 35, I felt called to separate from my marriage. “Its time to choose only loving and respectful relationships.”

At 37, I felt called to run Women’s Circles. “Its time to extend myself and connect with the feminine deeply.”

Do you notice the times in your life when you’re called to grow?

The common theme around all the times I’ve been “called” was that each one was a call to EXPANSION.

It was moving away from my limited self, conditioning, and learning… to something beyond what I can ever comprehend at the time.

And yes, there were inherent desires behind these.

To achieve.
To be loved.
To be connected.
To have more abundance.
To have a better quality of life.

The Calling sounds “self-ish” but not in a way that takes away from others. Rather, in the way that a seed becomes a seedling, becomes a tiny plant, becomes a shrub, becomes a tree.

Every experience serves to nourish and build upon and grow the “small self”. In Maslow’s term, to self-actualise.

Is Calling enough?

Only to the degree in which I need to grow.

They say “Teachers teach what they need to learn the most.” And in the same note, I’ve also seen “Healers heal what they need to heal the most.” There’s growth but there’s also the delayed survival response to not be in the same situation as we were growing up.

I’m called to empower women because I don’t ever want to feel disempowered ever again and I wish to help minimise the pain that women suffer when they feel disempowered.

My unique history has given me that wisdom that I’m here to share.

Knowledge + Experience x Learning = Wisdom & Growth

Its to the degree that some part of my story resonates with you that you’re called to work with me. And the degree that you’re still meant to learn from me determines the length of time that you do.

Its from this deep understanding that I approach my business, quite different I must say from mainstream.

What wisdom have you’ve gained from your story?

I ask the question again, Is Calling Enough?

I feel that it’s not totally enough.

If you take my definition of it, given that the motive behind it is largely centred on the self (though everything that we do will always impact someone; e.g. me getting fit gives me more energy to be active with my daughters), there are times when a lot of this soul growth work is required to be done privately.

And I can always do this soul growth work in a different form other than a healing business.

Here enters Purpose.

By the second year of my training which was centred around Somatic Therapy and Energy Work, I heard Purpose very clearly.

And it was exactly the same feeling I had when I birthed my eldest daughter.

Purpose struck me like a bolt of lightning that I literally passed out!

This was now something greater than me.

Yes, motherhood called my soul to grow by leaps and bounds. While at the same time, there was Purpose underneath it.

Going back to my second year of training, I felt so “behind” all my soul sisters (aka co-trainees). I wasn’t psychic. I couldn’t see auras. I couldn’t sense the archangels or any of the ascended masters.

And I kid you not, the thought that maybe I wasn’t supposed to be there came up.

But I knew the reason why I signed up. I signed up to learn the language of energy and help women in a much deeper way, in the same way that I’ve been transformed by the work the last couple of years.

Anyway, as the training went on, I felt my energy shift and my energetic vibration increased. It was very noticeable after the Reiki Level 3 training and then the Magnified Healing® just catapulted it!

A couple of months into it, when I started giving Reiki sessions as part of my training, I started receiving feedback such as… “It feels like you have more than one set of hands.” “Your Meditation voice is amazing.” “You have wonderful help in the form of native healers of the land.”

I received all of them even if my logical mind couldn’t grasp it. But my highest of intentions were always there in every healing session I did. I’ve always known I have Guardian Angels and I thank them profusely.

Until one day as I was reading a Meditation script while guiding a client, there were words coming up that needed to be said. I needed to let go of the script and ACTUALLY guide.

I was definitely amazed at the words that came out. I was saying them but I “wasn’t” saying them. Divine messages were coming through.

As more and more of these occurred, even in the form of modifying the healing session the moment it dropped in, I eventually realised that Purpose has entered again.

Something divine and sacred was (and still is) “using” or coming through me.

Just like motherhood, this is something greater than me.

And more than that, I have felt my connection to the Oneness that moves us all and from which I was truly birthed.

It’s so core to my being that I cannot ignore.

I have been a gift and it’d be really selfish for me not to share it.

My why is my Purpose.

My how is my specific soul design, my history, my identity, my personality, and everything I know myself to be.

My what is my Calling.

Has Purpose found you?