How Does an Energy Healing Feel?

Healing doesn’t stop when the Reiki session ends.

While we humans have a physical body that serves aspects of ourselves, we also have what’s called a subtle body or energy body whose purpose is to bring about various aspects of our consciousness as we go through life. In layman’s terms, call it the process of maturation.

But life is never perfect and no parent is perfect so during the various stages of our development, we would have been conditioned into different ways of approaching the world, meaning different belief systems. At the same time, we assimilate into our very being the experiences we go through in life, especially pivotal ones or those key moments that you know for certain has shaped you in some way or another.

The unpleasant examples of these are poverty, abuse, separation of parents, death in a family, an accident, and so on. But experiences of bullying, rejection, and shame no matter the scale alongside positive experiences of success, joy and love can be pivotal as well.

Energy healing works with the subtle body to help clear blockages, revitalise the physical, mental, emotional, and subtle bodies back to health, resolve past experiences, increase awareness, develop oneself, and manifest an intention to name a few. Energy healing can work in every area of human development because we already have this capability within ourselves, sometimes we just need a little bit of support to nudge us forward.

I thought I needed to given that introduction because it will become clear why when I share about the experience of an energy healing. The descriptions I share here are from my own experiences of receiving Reiki and giving Reiki to others, including numerous after-session feedback. I share also from my own experiences when I work with my subtle body for my own self-care and when I receive healings myself.

How does it feel to receive an Energy Healing?

First, Reiki. The most common feedback from experiencing Reiki is the heat being felt from the healer’s hands. This dates back to when Reiki started and was introduced in Japan by Dr Mikao Usui in the 1900s. Patients were puzzled by the heat they could feel, that they almost thought that the healers had some sort of device under their Japanese kimono! Not everyone feels this and you don’t have to.

During the very first Reiki healing I received, I sort of went into a dream state but I wasn’t really asleep. It felt like an out-of-body experience although I always kept coming back whenever I’d feel my Reiki healer’s hands move to a different part of my body. When I receive a Reiki healing these days, its not the heat that stands out for me but the deep sense of calm that my body and my soul feels. I feel very much grounded in my body, where I can palpably feel the edges of physical and energetic bodies.

Others also report a feeling of being cold. This is possible because when the body is at rest, body temperature tends to go down. Or it can also signal the release of stagnant energy. At other times, a Reiki session can also activate your energy in a gentle way. This shows up?when you start to feel tingling in a part or parts of your body, usually starting with the hands and the feet. This means that your life force is moving, which is great!

And even if you don’t notice any of these when you receive Reiki, don’t be alarmed. You’ll still have benefitted from the healing energy in one way or another. I myself didn’t notice anything profound from my first-ever Reiki session but in hindsight, I know it was very helpful in opening up my chakras and energy body to all the personal development I experienced that year that I had it.

Aside from Reiki, whenever a healer works with your energy body, you may become more aware of the state of each of your chakras. For example, you might feel when your root chakra feels weak, your sacral chakra is buzzing, your solar plexus is spread thin, your throat chakras is blocked, your heart chakra feels heavy, your third eye is not activated, your crown chakra is closed, or a combination of these. And even if you’re not fully conscious of it, your healer will be able to sense it and support it accordingly.

How will an energy healing impact you?

The most common after-effect of Reiki, which I can almost say is guaranteed as I have felt it every time I’ve received it and heard it every time I’ve given it, is the sense of calm and peace. Its a deep?feeling of alignment of body, mind, heart and soul no matter what was going on for someone before the session started.

With both Reiki and an energy healing, there can also be a sense of tiredness felt physically and emotionally. This is common when a person’s nervous system has been very agitated (meaning continuously stressed or in fight-or-flight mode) or a person has been carrying emotional baggage and/or trauma. Its just like when you’ve been literally carrying something heavy and then you put it down, you feel an enormous weight released and you feel relieved but also tired from having done so.

I always suggest to have some time to rest after a healing because your entire being will be adjusting herself.

Its also important to note that healing is a process and you’re essentially designed to work as an integrated whole, i.e. mind, body, heart, soul, physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, energetic altogether. Imbalance in one always has an effect on another and vice versa.

This is why I don’t believe in a one session fix-all/”pop-the-pill-and-you’re good” mentality. Especially with chronic/long-term issues, you’ll need to release blockages first, become aware of what’s causing them, and then introduce changes to your ways of living and being in order to restore health and wellness.

So if after an energy healing, it starts to feel like things are getting worse before they’re getting better, I suggest to become aware of all the mental thoughts that come up, as the healing may have brought to your consciousness habits or beliefs that actually sabotage you. Or if you went for an energy healing to support your body’s physical healing, remember that a fever has to break first before it subsides or a swelling comes up first to protect a burned skin before it heals it.?Its also to your benefit to continue to receive support as the effects of an energy healing doesn’t always follow logic or reason.

Energy healing is one avenue which can be explored on your road to feeling whole again and thriving in life. When facilitated with compassionate loving firm support, it can accelerate your healing and growth in so many ways!

If this is something you’d like to experience to support you during this time, please get in touch.

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