Its time for you to feel wonderful again.

Redefine success as a life that honours your soul.

Shift from the social paradigm that drives you to seek happiness outside of yourself.

True joy is living with intention that honours your body, heart, mind and soul every day.

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shift your experience of life

Don't let these get worse:

  • chronic or recurring health issues, including body pains
  • depression, constant stress, anxiety, worry and panic attacks
  • low energy or always feeling drained
  • inability to "switch off" or have a good night's sleep
  • self-sabotaging and unhealthy habits you can't control
  • unable to engage with others and the world in a meaningful way


A Holistic Coherence session is a one-of-a-kind unique session specially designed for your needs.

It connects the vast intelligence of your body, mind, heart and soul to:

  • reduce stress, anxiety, pain and panic
  • calm your nervous system and increase energy levels
  • heal the root cause of dis-ease
  • release trauma that your body is still holding on to without re-experiencing it
  • resolve past unpleasant experiences such as heartbreak, grief and inability to communicate
  • release unwanted patterns, karmic debts, self-sabotaging habits, and unhealthy pre-conditioned beliefs
  • balance your chakras
Abi has a strong healing ability with a compassionate nature and I highly recommend her if you are seeking a practitioner with high integrity to her work. Thank you Abi for your guidance and loving support.
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I combine Holistic Counselling, Somatic Therapy and Energy Healing to kickstart your body’s natural healing abilities and create expansion in your body so you feel more alive.

I use methods, such as :

  • Breath-work, the practice of consciously controlling your breathing
  • Body-work, working with the body to release tension through pressing your meridian points
  • Physical exercises to release stored trauma from your muscles
  • Physical poses that either release tension or bring alignment to your spine

Your mind and body will learn to release what no longer serves you when you experience the engagement of both breath and body wisdom in the safe container of your healing session.


Abi’s voice is very pleasant, she’s non judgmental and very calming to be around which allowed me to open up to her. Abi was warm, welcoming and guided the whole session. During the session I could feel the warmth from Abi’s hands and tingly energy around certain parts of my body.

After the session concluded I felt very relaxed, tension free and content. The next day I woke up with a smile on my face, and I felt more in control of my mind. Throughout the week I was feeling light, clear, free and happy. I had a can do attitude- my chest felt light with no anxiety which was a huge relief. I felt more in control of my mind and body making myself aware of day to day life and situations allowing me to slow down take each day as it comes.

Janine Cavanagh
I first approached Abigail to help manage severe anxiety. I had a private session of somatic breathing and energy healing and it was an amazing experience. I felt tingling all over my body and could feel the energy that I had been storing starting to release. It was a calm and safe environment and I knew I would be okay when it became quite intense and emotional. abigail knew when it was enough and slowed down the release so it wasn't too much for me to handle.
Kristin Goldrick