Re-connect. Re-centre. Re-member.

You are more than your mind. You are more than your body.  You are a soul having a human experience. 

Its time to take back control by connecting inwards.

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a free tool to calm the mind and body

As early as the mid-1970s, Dr Herbert Benson proved that Meditation invokes the "relaxation response" in the body.

Getting relaxed is when your body is slowing down your heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure, releasing muscle tension, and simply bringing your body back to balance or homeostasis.

Practicing Meditation brings these wonderful effects:

  • Slows down heart rate and breathing
  • Decreases blood pressure and muscle tensions
  • Calms internal dialogue
  • Expands attention and opens mind to new information
  • Develops an attitude of acceptance, both of self and the world
  • Regulates emotion and builds happiness

Read more of the benefits here.


Body scan meditation

This type of meditation increases awareness of your own body and strengthens your mind-body connection. By bringing focus to various parts of your body, muscle tension is released. It also has the flow-on effect of calming the mind.

Best to do before bedtime, especially if you have a hard time switching off at night.



The Chakras represent your main energy centres, the state of which determines how you respond to life.

This meditation connects you to your 7 main chakras and aims to strengthen the main intention of each, specifically feeling supported, nourished, worthy, loved, and expressing your truth, vision and connection with Oneness.

Best to do to increase inner strength and get in touch with your innate wisdom.



Protect your energy and that of your loved ones with this meditation. This is for you if you find that you're highly sensitive to people, places or things to strengthen your energetic boundaries.

Best to do when you start your day or when you're about to go to very busy places, such as shopping malls, public transport, etc.


For more guided meditations, head over to my Youtube Channel.

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I first met Abigail at the meditation at Salts of the Earth Caroline Springs. The meditation was deeply relaxing and calm and made me switch off which i rarely do. The meditation sessions are lovely and I enjoy going to them.

I first met Abi when I attended her guided meditation session at Salts of the Earth- not having ever done meditation before I was apprehensive though I felt I needed to do something more for myself as my life wasn’t what it used to be and I was suffering severe depression & anxiety.
I let myself be guided and I was open to new feelings. I left the session in awe- I felt relaxed, clear minded and a tingling sensation through my body.

Janine Cavanagh

Thankful that you had us in your home tonight for that beautiful meditation 🧘‍♀️
Absolutely loved it and the energy in the room was so good and your beautiful soothing voice 💛 Feeling relaxed & invigorated - highly recommend and will definitely be back"

Julie Foley