Self-Compassionate Woman Online Workshop

Become your own best friend so it supports you to thrive in life.

This is a wisdom and interactive online workshop over 3 weeks to learn how to become your own best friend so it supports you to thrive in life.

Have you ever wondered what’s pushing you to keep doing, or to always want to keep busy, or to being everything to everyone even if its costing you your physical health, mental health, emotional health and possibly even your relationships?

This is for you if you feel this unending drive to overdo, over-achieve, perfect everything, and/or always fix other people’s problems that they sap the life out of you, if you never feel like what you do or who you are is never good enough compared to others, and/or if you never finish anything because its never where you want it to be because you want it to be perfect.

This is your chance to understand where this drive is coming from and pivot towards living a life where you’re self-compassionate, self-accepting, and feeling you are enough and worthy simply and fully as you are.

By starting to live from a self-loving place, you can start to live everyday with intention and towards what you really desire to be in your life.

Join me in this workshop of compassionate self-discovery, transform your mindset and experience a heart activation to support the alignment of your heart, mind, body and spirit.

Its time for you to live life from a heart and soul centred place.

WEEK 1: Unearth why you’re being so self-critical
WEEK 2: Develop Self-Compassion
WEEK 3: Reclaim your self-compassionate heart

WHEN: Wednesdays, 8-930pm AEST
19th Aug, 26th Aug, 2nd Sep

NOTE: The online workshop every week will be recorded and sent to you. The Q&A will be the last part of each session and will not be recorded. Your video may or may not be part of the recording.

The event is finished.


26 Aug 2020


8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

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Abigail Tamsi
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