Radiant and Thriving Level 1 Online Workshop

This is an interactive online teaching workshop over 3 weeks for you to learn how to work with your nervous system so it supports you to thrive in life.
For a number of years, I’ve been caught in an unending cycle of doing and busy-ness which equated to putting so much stress on my body that it gave me gut problems I wouldn’t wish on anyone.
This is for you if you have a hard time relaxing or going to sleep (and even if you do, you don’t feel totally rested afterwards), you find that you never have enough time in a day, you’re always rushing from one task/errand to the next, you cannot seem to sit still, your body is always tense, you’re unable to focus and you burst out in irritation or anger easily amongst others.
These are all signs that your body has become addicted to the cycle of doing and/or recurring stress in your life, and is finding it hard to come back to balance.
In this online workshop over 3 weeks to be conducted via Zoom, you’ll learn about your nervous system and 3 different ways to inform the involuntary functions of your body to transition from fight-or-flight or “doing all the time” to rest-and-digest or “simply being”.
WEEK 1: Getting to know when you’re in fight or flight
WEEK 2: The importance of proper breathing
WEEK 3: Restorative Keys
I’ll share with you the wisdom so that your mind has a map and I’ll guide you in practice to go deeper in the felt sense of your body and your energy that it will become a lot easier for you in the future to notice when you’re starting to tip off balance.
You’ll come away feeling after every session like you’ve had a luxurious retreat for how calm your nervous system feels, like it never has before.
I draw all these from the last 10 years of my personal wellness journey plus my training in Somatic and Energetic Bodywork, Restorative Yoga and Meditation Teaching.
Because I’ve tried so many different therapies, tools and modalities to regulate my nervous system over the years, I have learned the safe path inward whatever your personality is like, whatever your preferences may be, and whether you’ve done any of this work before or not.
Get back to balance today and start enjoying the fruits of all your hard work, than be caught in the loop of busy-ness and striving. Start thriving today!
WHEN: Wednesdays, 8-9pm AEST
15th July, 22nd July, 29th July
NOTE: The online workshop every week will not be recorded. My intention is for you to experience the maximum benefit for your wellbeing and I believe that will happen when you commit to being present, when I’m able to guide you in real-time and by you experiencing the container that the group energy brings.

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15 Jul 2020


8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

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Abigail Tamsi
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