Embodying Self-Love Women’s Circle

How you treat yourself is the foundation for all your relationships in life. How you value yourself determines the level of success you welcome in your life. How you look after yourself shows what’s truly important to you.

All of these points back to self-love.

In this Women’s Circle:

⭕️ We will break down the various self-love aspects and tie it with the area of life you’d like to improve.

⭕️ There will be a Self-Love assessment to give clarity on which area you’re meant to work on at this stage of your journey.

⭕️ We will create “Soul Cards” to represent that area for you and guide you after you leave circle.

⭕️ You will receive the mantra and practice for your Self-Love area so you start to embody it.

Is it calling you? Looking forward to sitting with you. 🙏🏼

What to expect in a Women’s Circle I run…

A space that puts you first.

I create it so you can bring your energy back in. After all, you already put so much energy and time to looking after others and/or pursuing the many goals you have in life.

We start with a Meditation to tune in with self and become present. Then we each “take our place” in circle with a short intro of why we each joined circle.

Together, we hold the circle as a safe and sacred space. Each of our energies, intentions and shared wisdom contributes to the healing that takes place for each of us. Though we are each unique, we have similar challenges.

I would then facilitate the different parts of the Circle’s theme for you to dig deep, explore your edges, become clear of your desires and set your intention. This is done through somatic exercises, conscious journalling, creative visualisation, and meditation.

There will be conscious sharing, not usually about the details of your story, but more a chance for you to unearth your wisdom or simply allow yourself to be witnessed in your current experience.

I usually end circle with an intention setting, one that you’ll take with you and not just forget.

Because I also create circle for conscious change.


Your guide, Abigail Tamsi, is a certified Women’s Facilitator through the Embodied Inner Alchemy™ program and a Holistic Counsellor with the International Meditation Teachers and Therapists Association. She’s also a full member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

The event is finished.


09 Mar 2020


4:30 pm - 6:30 pm



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Caroline Springs, VIC
Caroline Springs, VIC


Abigail Tamsi
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