Energetic Bodywork

Combining Somatic Therapy & Energy Healing

Lighten the load in your heart from past or current unresolved emotional baggage.

An Energetic Bodywork Session actively supports you to physically and emotionally release stored tension without having to re-experience them. This brings your nervous system back to balance and increase your energy levels.

This is for you if you’re ready to break the cycles of grief, heartbreak and rejection in your life.

Its time to shift your experience of life. 

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What is Somatic Therapy?

Somatic came from the Greek word “soma” which means “the living body.” Somatic Therapy recognises that the body holds on to past traumas which were not effectively released and reflects this in posture, body language, facial expressions and physical mannerisms. The goal of Somatic Therapy is to help shift the mental and emotion experience through engaging with the body.

In the sessions I provide, this is done through a couple of methods, such as :

  • Breath-work, the practice of consciously controlling your breathing
  • Body-work, working with the body to release tension through pressing your meridian points
  • Physical exercises to release stored trauma from your muscles
  • Physical poses that either release tension or bring alignment to your spine

Your mind and body can learn to release what no longer serves you when you experience the engagement of both breath and body wisdom in the safe container of your healing session.

What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing works on the premise that there is an underlying life force that moves us through life. We’re not just physical, mental and emotional beings, we’re also energy beings. When our life force is strong and healthy, we feel like we can conquer anything that life throws us. When our life force is low, deflated or blocked, we feel hopeless and apathetic to deal with anything.

Common knowledge of energy healing is such that a healer channels energy (like in Reiki) or uses pressure points in order to remove blockages from a person’s energy centres and aura, and to assist a person’s natural healing abilities.

In the sessions I provide, I work with your meridian points to assist the flow of energy in your body and I use Reiki to bring your chakras into balance.

Emotion is “energy in motion”.

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Why combine Somatic Therapy and Energy Healing?

Emotion is “energy in motion”. Since emotions are stored in both your physical and energy bodies, releasing them through Somatic Therapy and Energy Healing combined supports lasting change.

Somatic Therapy recognises that giving your body a different experience can create an immediate change to your mental and emotional landscape because it provides a lot of immediate sensory feedback back to your brain. The Energy Healing supports this work in bringing consciousness to your felt sense and holds the energetic space for your healing journey during your session.

These healing modalities also both help kickstart your body’s natural healing abilities and create expansion in your body so you feel more alive.

What will a session look like?

An Energetic Bodywork session runs for at least 2 hours. It begins with a chat to discover what you feel is a priority for you at this moment.  Before your healing session starts, an agreement is made between you and your healer on what parts of the body you don’t want to be touched to provide a safe container for both parties.  You’ll then proceed with the session proper depending on the healing devised by your healer based on your needs and intention.

Whatever Somatic Therapy tool will be used, you’re invited to intentionally engage your breath in a conscious, connected and relaxed fashion, with no pauses between inhale and exhale, and can flow either in and out of the nose or mouth. By breathing this way, your body naturally begins to release physical tension and surface levels of stress.

If body-work is required, you’ll be lying down on your back on a massage bed. While the practitioner is guiding you as you breathe, the practitioner will also touch on different points, also called meridians, on your body to support in releasing any tension that you are carrying or to release any deeper emotional and mental experiences that have been stored.

Your healer will ensure at all times that you’re working towards your healing at the level that your physical, mental, emotional and energy bodies are able to handle at a time. You’re required to be an active participant to your own healing and ask for your needs to be met. 

How will you feel after a session?

Depending on the level that you engaged with in this session, it may feel like you’ve had a gym workout afterwards. This usually happens if you’re not used to deep belly breathing because you’ve just exercised your diaphragm during your session, which has also massaged your internal organs (and can kickstart a natural detox process).

However, you’ll definitely feel a lot lighter and with a positive outlook.

Long-term effects of regularly having this session include:

having increased energy
ability to focus attention to what really matters
more relaxed state and ability to sleep better
becoming more aware of your body and feel good in your own skin
feeling more peaceful and connected
improvement of self-confidence
ability to listen to your body and follow accordingly
ability to be present in your interpersonal relationships

How many sessions will you need?

Change happens over time and healing doesn’t stop when the session ends. Continuing to receive support is key if you really want to have lasting change in yourself and your life. This also helps keep you accountable and focused.

This session is best done no less than 4 weeks after your previous one to allow you to process and integrate your healing. You’ll also receive a FREE support call from me a week after a session.

After your first session if you feel it has been very beneficial to you and you’d like to continue to receive support from your healer, you’re recommended to commit to a another 2 sessions (20%OFF to be paid upfront) paced every month. 

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Sessions are held in person either in Caroline Springs, VIC (AU) or online through Zoom.