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Don’t Become Spiritually Homeless (How to Start Befriending Your Body)

To lose your connection with your body is to become spiritually homeless.

Without an anchor, you float aimlessly, battered by the winds and wves of life.

Your body is your vessel in this lifetime. Who you are, what you have to offer, what you can do all depends on your body and the fluid union of all your intelligences.

Its time to stop abusing what your body can do, stuffing her with unhealthy foods, pushing her to do so much, and forcing sex when they’re not in alignment with your mind, heart and soul.

When you start a loving relationship with your body, she will become your best friend and your ally. She will be your inner guide to what you can and cannot do.

But I know its not that easy.

Here are three reasons I found why even being friends with your body is challenging and how to turn them around:

One, you hate what your body looks like.

She’s too thin or she’s too fat. She doesn’t have the right curves. She’s not symmetric in places you want her to be. She’s too small or too big in places you don’t want her to.

If this is you, you have succumbed to what the media has shown to be the perfect body. What you don’t realise is that all those perfect pictures are created to be that way. Those models don’t wake up like that. And if they do, they probably don’t enjoy their life as much because what they eat and do, you wouldn’t want to do every day!

Whatever your body is like today, each part of her has her own story of how she got there.

Take for example, your hand. What’s her story? Whose hands has she shaken? How many exams had she written in? How did she help you move into your own home? That scar of yours, it was probably a small price to pay for your life.

Your body’s story is unique. If you can recognise and appreciate what she’s been through, you might start to love her more.

Two, you disregard your body because you can do more with your mind.

You’ve been brought up in a family, a culture, a society, and/or a time that puts a lot of emphasis on what you can “produce” with your mind. You’re regarded more when you can show that you have a number of professional degrees.

You’re paid more with what you know. You’re regarded more in society as a white-collar worker than those who work in manual labor.

So you push yourself to work 12 to 14 hour days, or to keep studying until the wee hours of the morning, without realising that you’re pushing yourself to exhaustion, burnout, and a host of health issues that sleep deprivation and not enough rest brings.

Here’s the truth that you weren’t fed…

When your body is in a healthy and balanced state, the more that your mind will have focus, clarity, productivity and creativity.

Your mind is in service to your survival first. When your mind senses that your body is in negative distress, it will do what it can to alert you to it. Its as simple as if you’re hungry, you won’t stop thinking about food. And if you’re tired, your mind will keep telling you its time to rest.

Even if you ignore them, what happens is that your attention is divided and you won’t have as much mental capacity as you wish you would.

Three, you have one or more unresolved painful experiences with your body.

You could have experienced a debilitating illness or been in a major accident that’s diminished your physical capabilities. You could have experienced a form of physical abuse or violence.

If this is you, I highly invite you to work with a certified and professional somatic therapist who can help release any stored traumatic responses in your body at your own pace so that they don’t keep on impinging on your relationship with your self.

Dr. Peter Levine, author of Waking the Tiger and an industry-leader and pioneer in studying and treating trauma, shares this…

Trauma is an internal straitjacket created when a devastating moment is frozen in time. It stifles the unfolding of being, and strangles our attempts to move forward with our lives. It disconnects us from our selves, others, nature and spirit.

Dr. Peter Levine

Even if you feel you may recovered from your initial experience, you’ll know when you still have stored trauma when you feel unsafe in your body or in any experience that involves your body.


Your body is always communicating to you every second. You’re a physical being, first and foremost. And it’s through your wonderful vessel that you get to live the life you want.

Its time to start looking after her.

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