Jump off the diving board of life!

courageous living program

You and me in 4 focused weeks, with at least 2 hours of personal coaching per week and Voxer (walkie-talkie style) support mid-week.

Online, in the comfort of your own home.

I help bring clarity. I teach you practices. I (virtually) hold your hand during inner journey.



The personal growth I received is that I learned to appreciate myself and bring out the best in me. I am able to release some stresses. I am more focus now especially on myself.

How it positively affected me is I now find joy, refreshment, relief and satisfaction.

Maricel Alimboyao

is this you?


Are you currently plagued with thoughts that start with… “I wish I went for my dream career before. I wish I pursued those travel plans. I wish I went to the gym more. I wish I had joined that club.” And so on and so forth? 

Has the current pandemic situation woken you up to the importance of living your best life?

But you’re not quite sure how or where to start. Or you don’t believe in yourself enough that you can do it.

In this Courageous Living Program, I will help you develop your trust in yourself, build your inner resources and fire up your light to create your dream life.

Go for that career change.
Open yourself up to love.
Write that book.
Take that adventure.
Build that business.
Make that commitment. 
Have a family.

Courage represents your ability to jump off the diving board to life. 

Without courage, you cannot soar in life!


week 1

Become clear with what you want in life and what really drives you.

Learn key awareness practices to uncover what drives you unconsciously.

Start to change your self-talk around courage.


week 2

Develop a loving relationship with your body.

Learn how to move stuck energy that stops you from being courageous.

Start to build your internal drive to go for what you want.


week 3

Deepen your connection to self.

Reclaim your heart and forgive yourself for what you regret in your life.

Start to become your own best friend.


week 4

Get ready to live courageously.

Develop your inner wisdom to guide you in every decision you make in life.

Learn how to tap into your life force energy when you need it.


a life of wonderful possibilities awaits you!


how will i help you?

 I use revolutionary tools that create change sooner than you thought possible by increasing your mental resilience, developing emotional intelligence and activating your life force energy. I’m a professionally trained Somatic and Energy Therapist, Holistic Counsellor and Meditation Teacher.

My natural left-brain intelligence (having a 20-year career in Information Technology) has given me the ability to translate the world of personal and spiritual development into practical wisdom and steps to create your amazing life. I can clearly see programming bugs in your psyche and energy. I can provide the patch to resolve what’s causing issues. But any good programmer knows that a good program is built on good architecture but unfortunately, most of us had a less-than perfect upbringing.

Let me help you in designing the life you were always born to live and support you as you walk that life.

"The outcome of the session allowed me to realise my fullest potential in my career and that I will not let fear of not being smart enough stop me."

Mary Diamond

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The Building Resilience Course is a 4-week online course that gives you the wisdom and more tools to support you in life.

Resilience is a skill. Its a sliding scale to measure how you’re able to go back into the flow of your life, whatever that means for you at the timing that’s right for you.

According to siyli.org, “Resilience is “the ability to navigate through adversity, to effectively adapt to change and thrive.” It means having to cultivate a sense of calm, clarity and stability, even when things are stressful and overwhelming.

To be clear, resilience is not simply about bouncing back from adversity; it’s about dealing with disruptive forces while adapting with integrity in response to changing circumstances, eventually leading to the experience of thriving.

Adaptive resilience is a skill that can be deliberately cultivated and developed in the face of chronic negative stress and constantly increasing demands, complexity and change.”

Week 1: The resilience + growth journey and building self-awareness

I present the various states we can find ourselves in to become aware of where we’re at in our lives. It requires reflection and hindsight because by knowing what our patterns were, we can choose to change it if it doesn’t serve us.

Week 2: Know thy body and consciously respond to physical stressors.

I’m sharing the basics of our physiology, how we respond to stress and a practical process to manage stress. I will show that we do have control and we have choice, no matter what our body type or health history is. This is how we start the journey of being physically resilient to whatever life throws at us.

Week 3: Using the power of your mind to set you up for success

We get intimate with our mental thoughts and understand how it works. We will learn a valuable skill to be in control of our mind and use its power for our health and wellness.

Week 4: Creating a relationship with your emotions and learning to love yourself

We go deeper and get in touch with our hearts and the various emotions she brings. We become friends with all our emotions, not just the positive ones. We learn to navigate her wave through a couple of tools so you can choose which boat is the right fit for you.

For a limited time, only instead of $888!