Build your courage from within in the company of like-minded women.

If you feel the call that its time to soar in your life, you will benefit a lot from the energetic container that this 8-week program will bring.

Receive support, inspiration and motivation like no other.

I'm curious


Yes, You're powerful

You’re just not taught how to be.

Instead, you’re taught fear.

You’re taught to conform.

You’re taught it has to be scientifically proven for it to matter.

You’re taught to always be nice, to not shake things up, to not be anyone more than others expect to be.

So you fear doing anything different.

You don’t believe in yourself.

You hesitate to say I CAN, which paves the way to I WILL, and then I AM DOING IT.

You fear stepping into your power because you don’t know how to be and what to do when you get “there.”

And once you do, you know you’ll be asked to keep stepping up.

And you’re just not sure because your being doesn’t know how.

Work with me and go from disempowered to POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE.

I will connect you to your inner resources, your inner power, your inner wisdom.

We won’t just do mindset work.

You WILL embody the powerful divine woman that you already are.


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I put it down to your guidance, I do feel its helping me deal with challenging issues in my life. I look forward to the next circle. Thank you so much for being there when I needed help.
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KICK START 2021 ON A courageous note

Courage is the gate to an amazing life. It is more than bravery or "fear walking". And it is definitely not about being a daredevil.

According to Dr. David Hawkins, the frequency of courage represents a profound shift from destructive and harmful behaviour to a life-promoting and values-driven lifestyle.

Without embodying courage, you fail to be consistent in what you do, you move one step forward and two steps back, you question yourself when you get criticised, you plan at the start of the year but lose your momentum, you take risks that you regret later on, and you quit when it gets too uncomfortable or hard.

If you don't want to keep going through your life in circles and never really manifesting the life of your dreams, then its probably time for you to join a very supportive program with other women, the energy of which will hold your hand as you move forward even when it feels absolutely uncomfortable.

Its easier together

For 8 weeks, we will journey together from creating a map to your 2021, releasing your self-sabotaging mindset, and building your inner resources so that you can confidently walk into your beautiful vision for the year.

Week 1: Start your year right with a powerful ritual of releasing 2020, mining the wisdom and setting your intention consciously for the year ahead.

Week 2: Open the gate to courageous living with awareness, curiosity and acceptance.

Week 3: Get to know your inner critic and unlock what sabotages you unconsciously

Week 4: Connect with your inner wisdom and learn how to dial into the frequency of love and compassion for yourself.

 I highly recommend to others if you’re thinking about it and it was nice to be around like minded women that want to take charge of their minds and thoughts. I think there is no greater gift you could give yourself and your loved ones than to take time out to look after yourself and be at your best!
I'm interested!


Week 5: Become clear with what you want in life and what really drives you.

Week 6: Learn how to move stuck energy that stops you from being courageous.

Week 7: Reclaim your heart and forgive yourself for what you regret in life.

Week 8: Get ready to live courageously. Learn the 7 keys that will help you navigate life no matter what it throws at you.

This will be done through:

  • 8 weekly live Zoom circles that will not be recorded
  • Inner work and practices in between calls
  • Facebook private group for support and accountability


I work in a unique way to support you towards living courageously. I’ve shied away from the cookie-cutter approach and having clients “fit in” to a specific modality.

You see, I’ve been trained in a number of modalities... different types of energy healing, somatic therapy, meditation teaching, women’s circle work, holistic counseling, mindset work, and restorative yoga.

So I use all of these together to help you holistically because when practical, mindset, embodiment and spirituality are integrated is when you build innate courage that moves you towards thriving in life.

This is true empowerment.

Abigail is a wonderful, empathetic healer. In my first session I had a powerful and transformative healing experience, that deeply opened my heart and reconnected me to feeling loved. Abigail is highly experienced, professional and caring and I would strongly recommend her!
Penelope Jones

Thank you for my recent healing session with you.

I felt supported and held which was exactly what I needed.

Sandra Reiser