Courageous Living Show EP07: Acceptance is Not Passive Resignation

Welcome to Episode 07! In this episode, I speak about the 2nd key to opening the gate of courage: ACCEPTANCE.

Acceptance is like giving a warm hug to a friend who’s grieving. Neither of you like the situation but you acknowledge it as it is.

Acceptance is not passive resignation. Passive resignation is an overt ignorance or hovering over.

When you accept, it makes everything a lot clearer for you. It shows to you what you need to do. It shows you where you need to understand a little bit more.

It gives you a better feeling around your current circumstances. It allows you to ask the question, “What can I do with it?” When you accept, you make peace.

With acceptance, you open your heart to the situation at hand and allow your natural intelligences to bring to your awareness your next steps.

This is why Acceptance is one of the 4 keys to opening the gate of Courage.

There is a process that you follow when you accept which opens you up to more, instead of being stuck in blaming and victim energy.

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