Courageous Living Show EP07: Acceptance is Not Passive Resignation

Welcome to Episode 07! In this episode, I’m going back to talking about the different keys to opening the gate of courage.

As you can see, I’m in a different space today filming this and I don’t have my tripod so I’m going to apologize if this video is just a little bit shaky, because I’m holding it so depending on how long I can have my arm up here is how long this video is going to be.

Anyway, I shared with you before that I found that there are four keys to opening the gate of with courage. They are Awareness, Acceptance, Compassion and Curiosity.

In this episode, I would like to talk more about acceptance.

I found that acceptance is really key if you want to start to make changes within your life. Because it all starts with where you are right now, which is where awareness is. At the same time, accepting where you are in each area of your life.

If you don’t accept where you are right now, or make peace with what’s going on within your life, what happens is that you get to a space where you’re always ruminating about the past, ruminating about putting responsibility on others instead of yourself.

So if you’re always stuck in that phase, it’s almost like you are replaying the story of a victim. Instead of taking your power back and accepting that yes, that’s what’s happened to you.

And now, what do you want to do about it? Or do you want to do anything about it?

I was listening to a podcast today and I keep on hearing this…

Do you want to sink or swim in life?

I don’t know about you but I would rather swim in life. Because that’s how I grow. That’s where life becomes colourful.

It’s when we enjoy what life is all about.

So when it comes to accepting where you are right now, Acceptance is like a friend giving you a warm hug… not trying to fix you, or pushing you into doing anything, just really giving you a hug for everything that you’re going through right now.

And that’s what I find that acceptance is. It’s not about closing yourself from what happened before or even forgetting about it.

Acceptance is opening your heart. And in a way, forgiving what actually happened or what’s happening with you right now.

With acceptance, you start to get into a space where you’re being honest with what’s actually happening. And then moving towards a space where you’re able to find a way to move toward something different so that you get a different outcome.

I also know that a big part of acceptance is and can be forgiveness, especially if you’re having a hard time accepting what’s happening.

For me, forgiveness is really for you. It’s not about condoning what happened to you or what’s happening to you. But it’s part and parcel of making peace with yourself.

Yes, that’s happened and sometimes it can be very hard to accept.

If you open yourself up and open up to what happened in allowing all the emotions to go through, you will find forgiveness, within all of that.

So I hope that that makes sense in that you will be able to find your way through acceptance.

What it feels to be accepted is about being honest with where you’re at right now, giving yourself a warm hug for everything that’s going on. And then, with an open heart and with a humble mind, you can move forward towards what you really want to experience in life.

I hope that you continue to find your courage to live a wonderful life through using these keys.

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