Courageous Living Show EP06: Why I Am the Courage Specialist

In this episode, I’m going to share with you why I call myself “The Courage Specialist.” I know, I probably should have done that during the first episode but that’s okay!

Sometimes, I’m not in the mood to tell much about my story or to be self-promoting, but I know that it’s also important for you to understand and realise why I made that my purpose right now… to share with you about courage.

So before I dive into all of that, I found that teachers, coaches, healers, etc. have different reasons why we do what we do, or choose the specific topic that we go into.

There are some who teach what they most need to learn.

And there are those who experienced something really horrible within their lives and they found their way through it. For them, it’s about helping others to not go through that, or supporting others to not go through what that challenging experience has been like for them. Whether it be their own personal experience, or something that they experienced with one of their family or someone close to them.

So that’s a second way that I know some people have gone into what they do and found their purpose in life.

For others, it could be what they’ve always known. Maybe they’ve come from a family of psychologists or leaders, or whatever line of work that they were born into. Since it’s something that they resonate to, they went on and did that.

For myself, I’ve been in this part-time purpose-driven side business sharing about healing and wellness and supporting others to live a full life and to basically live joyfully.

I know that for me when I started, I simply wanted to share my awesome experience around women’s circles and women’s gatherings. I found that it was something absolutely lacking in mainstream society.

I found it through my own network and I realised that it was a very, very safe space and very healing space for me. I did a lot of my own inner growth work within the container of circle.

That’s how I started my professional training, to understand more how to run a circle.

And then, I also started sharing with others about meditation because that’s something that’s really been helpful for me for over eight to 10 years now for my wellbeing.

Its helped me with my mental health and other aspects such as becoming emotionally intelligent, more connected with myself, as well as being very mindful and aware of how my body feels.

So, when I started, it was really a way to share with others what’s helped me.

Because I know that whatever my experience was eight to nine years ago around high-functioning depression and anxiety is something that I’m not the only one who experiences.

So it felt very remiss of me to not share with others what’s helped me.

I also knew that people will benefit from hearing of other people’s experiences.

This year, however, I started to really think about the unique wisdom that I’m here to share, i.e. what I have been gifted with.

Although I know that I’ve seen so many innate gifts within myself and others that have grown within me over the years, I reflected back and saw what was the common thread in my life experiences that was natural to me and that I always hear about myself from others.

I also put it out on my Facebook wall when I asked those who were close to me what was the one thing they knew about me. Most of them said I’m a courageous and strong woman.

And yes, when people hear about my life stories, they would comment how courageous of me to have done what I did.

I realised that I have a natural easy way to act courageously in life. And I attribute that to being aligned with all my 4 intelligences: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

And I know I’m not the only one who has these 4 intelligences. You do, too.

If you think you’re not courageous, you probably just don’t realise it. I suggest to reflect back on the times when you never thought that you’d do something completely out of the blue in your life, like pack your family, and leave one place and move somewhere else because you needed a new start.

That’s a very courageous thing to do.

But, like I always say in most of my episodes, there’s also courage in the small steps that you take every day, like for example, to get your health back on track.

Courage is very important to live a fuller life because courage is this feeling that is going to support you towards something bigger than yourself.

And what I mean by that is being bigger than who you think and know yourself to be right now.

Courage opens you up to be accepting. It opens you up to being in purpose. It opens you up to achieving your dreams. It opens you up to being truthful and honest with yourself and opens you up to being a lot more authentic with your relationships in life.

Courage is really the key to an amazing life because courage will move you forward in life.