you can be an introvert and be couageous

Courageous Living Show Ep04: You Can Be an Introvert and Be Courageous

Welcome to Episode 4! This episode is for you if you identify as an introvert and think that’s because you’re not courageous.

Here’s what I do know…

Being courageous does not rely on your personality or your identity.

Courage is a value. It’s a value that you can cultivate like kindness, compassion, and unconditional love.

Courage is not something that is only available to certain people with certain personalities

So, let me start with defining what an introvert is in and, consequently, what an extrovert is.

The common understanding of what an introvert is is someone who is always very internal within themselves. They like to do things on their own.

You contrast that with extroverts who are always out there. They’re very outgoing or always the life of the party. They’re always seeking to be in front of people and so forth.

That’s our common understanding of introverts and extroverts. But there’s an underlying reason why introverts behave that way and why extroverts behave that way.

Energetically speaking, introverts are those who gain and replenish their energy from being on their own or from doing things on their own. While extroverts gain a lot of energy from being with others and enjoying that particular kind of experience.

So now, you can understand why introverts and extroverts behave the way that they do is. On a day-to-day basis, our lives are always reliant on how much energy we have right now, specifically how much energy we have in order to do things.

If you don’t have any energy at all to do something then there’s no drive for you to do anything, even if you really, really desire that.

But it doesn’t mean that if you’re an introvert, you won’t do things like what I’m doing right now, i.e. sharing my wisdom in front of you through a video, sharing it with other people through events, and so forth.

Truth is I’m actually an introvert. So I find time and moments to just be with myself without anyone around me so I can I replenish my energy. And when I come out of that, I then have the energy to be with other people.

I also find that I have moments where I really enjoy the company of other people. And my energy does go up.

One of the examples when that happens is when I attend women’s circles. After circle, I always feel energized. That’s because I get to be very in touch with myself and very connected to others.

Sometimes, I do come away from it and I would like to integrate on my own. But there are definitely lots of other times when I come out of it with a great outlook for life and I feel that I can do whatever I set my heart to do.

Courage is not reliant on if you’re an introvert or an extrovert. It’s a value that you cultivate to support you with every step that you make in life.

Courage is the gate to an amazing life. Courage is what enables you to jump off the diving board. It enables you to soar through life or to swim through whatever is going on right now.

Especially in the world right now, for some people it’s a very courageous thing to do to just go out and go to the shops because, for some, that actually triggers a lot of fear because of the pandemic.

For some, that’s already what they can do courageously right now.

My experience of courage is that courage is synonymous to life force energy. For me, if I’ve got the courage, I know I’ve got the life force to do what I set my heart, mind and soul to do.

And If I find that “I’m not ready yet”, I know that it’s already courageous of me to research about it, to learn about it, to reflect about it and see where it might take me because as soon as I do that, I know that I’m already expanding my mindset. I’m already expanding my perspectives in life. And I’m already slowly pushing against my current comfort zone.

What small steps can you do today to start opening the gate of courage?