everyone has courage

Courageous Living Show Ep03: Everyone has Courage

Welcome to Episode 3! This episode is for you if you find that you don’t have any courage at all, or you’re having a hard time identifying it, or feeling it within yourself.

This is in response to a comment I received after the very first Courageous Living Show. I thought that it’s a great question and a lot of people might find themselves in the same boat.

The person said that she found after watching my show that she doesn’t have any courage.

When I saw that, I felt very sad about it. It pains me that some people don’t find any courage from within. And I believe that’s part of the reason why I’m here because I would like to help you build up your courage from within.

Here’s what I do know…

Everyone is born with courage. There is courage within you.

The fact that you made the choice or your soul made the choice to be embodied, meaning to be within a body, and to experience this life in a human form, whether you know this or not, or whether you believe it or not, is courageous.

It’s really soul courage to be embodied in this time.

Also, I do believe that you and I were born with courage, just like we were born with unconditional love.

However, I know that we usually lose a lot of the good qualities we were born with because of how we were raised and the conditioning from our environment, our society, our family, the beliefs that we were born into, where we grew up or, or what we learned over time.

Some of that can chip away on that natural courage you were born with.

Just look at two-year-old kids… there’s so much courage in them to just experience the world. I think that’s why people call it the terrible twos because they’re looking to explore anything and everything. They have a natural courage within them.

We lose a lot of those childlike qualities as we grow up and mature, as we deal with the responsibilities of being an adult.

However, I know these qualities like love, kindness, compassion and courage were given to us, to live this life.

Courage is not something to identify with. It’s not about personalities. It’s a value we have and we can cultivate if we choose to.

So, for this particular person who messaged me or if you find that you don’t have any courage, I invite you to go back through your life and find the moments where you never thought you’ll be able to do it, or maybe made a particular decision that you never thought possible.

You might probably think that what you’ve always done in your life is normal. The truth is, what’s normal for you is probably different for me and what’s courageous for you is different for what’s courageous for me.

And it’s really all about how we look at it and how we view ourselves when it comes to what we do.

So, for this particular person who messaged me and because I know her quite well, I can say that she’s actually been courageous in her life. I remember that she traveled overseas for the first time on her own when she was in her 40s already to visit family and friends. I find that very courageous to do that on her own at that age, when she’s never probably traveled in a plane before even in a domestic level.

At the same time, I know that there’s been times when she was kind of like a single mum because she looked after her family on her own while her husband was working overseas for a number of years.

Yes, she had the support of her husband who’s overseas, but on a day-to-day basis, she was the one looking after her four kids.

So I thought I would share that with you if ever you find that within yourself you don’t have courage.

I invite you to redefine courage for yourself. It doesn’t always need to look like these big things. Sometimes, even small things that you never thought you could do are courageous.

For example, I remember there was a time when I had social anxiety and I really didn’t like to go to networking events. But there was this one time when I told myself it was okay and I’m going to try.

So I went to this event even if there’s so many people, even if I didn’t know anyone. I told myself I’m going to present myself as best as I could. And I did do that.

And guess what, I actually enjoyed myself. I was very nervous going there. I was very self conscious. But I knew that decision to do that was actually a courageous thing for me, because it’s one step forward.

What are the small courageous steps that you can do to build your courage?