Building Resilience Program

This is a 4-week FREE online course  that will be delivered to your Inbox.

It gives you wisdom and tools to support you in navigating the ups and downs of life.

This is for you if you're new to personal development and are curious on how you can take small steps to improving your health and wellness.

In this course, you will learn about how your body, mind and emotions operate and key tools to help you manage stress, bring more clarity to your thoughts and allow your emotions to flow.



 I have received comments from staff at work, saying I seem calmer & less stressed, I am happy to hear the feedback.

I put it down to your guidance, I do feel its helping me deal with challenging issues in my life. 


What is resilience?


Resilience is a skill. Its a sliding scale to measure how you’re able to go back into the flow of your life, whatever that means for you at the timing that’s right for you.

According to, “Resilience is “the ability to navigate through adversity, to effectively adapt to change and thrive.” It means having to cultivate a sense of calm, clarity and stability, even when things are stressful and overwhelming.

To be clear, resilience is not simply about bouncing back from adversity; it’s about dealing with disruptive forces while adapting with integrity in response to changing circumstances, eventually leading to the experience of thriving.

Adaptive resilience is a skill that can be deliberately cultivated and developed in the face of chronic negative stress and constantly increasing demands, complexity and change.”

Resilience helps you navigate change.


week 1

 The resilience + growth journey and building self-awareness

I present the various states you can find yourself in to become aware of where you're at in your life.

It requires reflection and hindsight because by knowing what your patterns are, you can choose to change it if it doesn’t serve you.

week 2

Know thy body and consciously respond to physical stressors.

I’m sharing the basics of our physiology, how we respond to stress and a practical process to manage stress.

I will show that you do have control and you have choice, no matter what your body type or health history is.

This is how you start the journey of being physically resilient to whatever life throws at you.

week 3

Using the power of your mind to set you up for success

We get intimate with our mental thoughts and understand how it works.

You will learn a valuable skill to be in control of your mind and use its power for your health and wellness.

week 4

Creating a relationship with your emotions and learning to love yourself

We go deeper and get in touch with our hearts and the various emotions she brings.

You become friends with all your emotions, not just the positive ones.

You will learn to navigate the emotional wave through a couple of tools so you can choose which boat is the right fit for you.

you're the captain of your body, mind and soul.