My Practice Of Crawling Out Of The Darkness And Into Life

Dazed and with a bloody arm, I walked into the Emergency Room of a local hospital. I couldn’t believe I actually did it, and for the first time, I realised that I wanted to live.

And that is what started it all…

You and Your Emotions in One Big Party

Anger and Disgust were in a heated conversation. Sadness and Fear looked very contracted. Shame was simply jumping from one conversation to another, telling everyone what he or she should be regretting.

Woman Rising to Lead With Her Heart

Hot summers and bad typhoons passed
She walked the earth with head held high
Hiding the bruised heart inside her chest
No one shall come asunder or near

How To Get To “Happy For No Reason” (5 Tips)

There I was at a very peaceful place specifically intended to help foster spiritual growth and in the middle of a forest with like-minded people, but the sounds of my personal unhealthy tendencies had become very loud and apparent.