Breathwork Circle

Friday, 6:30pm – 8:00pm
26th October 2018

Breathwork Circle

Introducing BREATHWORK, your number 1 tool to heal and strengthen your SACRED FEMININE VOICE.

You’re invited to a Breathwork Circle where you can BRING A FRIEND FOR FREE to learn different techniques to use your breath for your own transformation, the somatic way. Its time to get intimate with the number 1 tool your body has for nourishment. When you engage your breath, you engage all the different parts of your sacred vehicle, your body. When you engage your body, you have a greater ability to expand with each breath.

Breath is the source of life. And proper breathing is the key to a thriving life!

Your breath is your number 1 tool in any change you desire. You don’t have to reach out for any tools or buy anything. Isn’t that awesome? All you need is to give yourself the time to actively engage it on a regular basis.

Your breath is the voice of your body. Your breath shows you when you’re in stress, in fear, in anxiety, in contraction before your mind even realises it. You’re in stress, fear, anxiety, contraction when your breath is shallow (meaning the breath only goes down to your chest), when you’re constantly holding your breath, when you have low energy and when you’re having a hard time breathing (which sometimes translates to what we know as “panic attacks”).

Let me assist you in engaging your breath so that you can turn around these preconditioned ways. Connect back with your body through proper breathing and watch your life expand!

When you practice these techniques within a group setting, the experience becomes more tangible in your mind and it’ll be a lot easier to actually practice proper breathing in your daily life or when life calls for it. Then before you know it, proper breathing becomes your norm and you’ve never felt better.

It will show up as feeling:
– you have more energy
– more upbeat and ready for the world
– mentally clear
– physically rejuvenated
– AND so connected with yourself and empowered from within!


1. Opening – You’ll learn the concepts and wisdom behind Breathwork, plus care and safety principles during the practices of which you’ll be asked to agree and abide.

2. Practice – You’ll be guided on different techniques to engage your breath. It will be a dynamic and active controlling of your breath.

3. Integration – Restorative time after the practice for you to reflect on or savour your experience, with an energy-healing.

4. Debrief – Your chance to share about your experience, if you feel you need to (not compulsory).

If you’ve been diagnosed with a physical condition relating to your lungs, heart, or limited movement, please consult with your medical professional before joining this class. In any case, you’re asked to keep yourself safe and do only what suits you, no matter what I say.


26th October 2018
Friday, 6:30pm to 8:00pm


Caroline Springs
(Address to be given upon booking)


If you would like to have a quick chat, please email abi [at] abigailtamsi [dot] com with your phone number and preferred time to receive a phone call.

Your Investment

AUD 36
(Bring a friend for free!)