Empowered. Connected. Fulfilled.

An adventurer by heart, I realised 10 years ago that my greatest adventure lies in the journey inward and rebuilding wholeness within.

I'm here to guide you towards remembering, reconnecting, and re-aligning with your True Self.

Together, we'll dismantle the lies, release the hurts, and rebuild your wisdom so that you get to live your life based on what's important to you.


I was once like you. I had everything I thought I wanted. I achieved all the adult expectations of getting married, rearing a family, and having a stable career.  Yet, behind all the pretty pictures, I was feeling very empty and unfulfilled.

I felt absolutely lost, caged, depressed and suicidal. I had lost my zest for life. I had lost my sense of self.

My own healing journey from past trauma, marriage breakdown and health issues started with a 21-day Meditation Challenge. After every meditation, I felt my outlook in life start to open up and my heart start to feel pleasant emotions.

Slowly, I noticed I could respond to life differently and my inner strength started to build. I was absolutely surprised how Meditation enabled such change, not some medicine.  

Since then, I have switched to using natural therapies to resolve any chronic issues I have.

And I have since realised that anything that was ailing me physically was always related to an emotional, mental, and/or spiritual issue so I learned to look at my challenges from a holistic point of view. 

I'm very grateful of where my path has led me. It brought me back to experiencing Unconditional Love and Compassion for my whole self, the effect of which has brought authenticity and courage in every aspect of my life and my relationships.


My Qualifications

I combine 10 years of wisdom gained from my own healing journey and formal training listed below to support you.

  • Internationally Approved Women’s Facilitator, Somatic Therapist and Energy Healer with the Embodied Inner Alchemy Academy

  • Reiki Master Teacher

  • Magnified Healing® 1st Phase Master Teacher

  • Graduate of Christine Arylo’s Path of Self-Love School’s Transforming Self Bullying + Self Sabotaging Habits into Self Loving Actions Module.

  • Certificate in Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development

  • Certificate in Chair Yoga

  • Certificate in Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra Wisdom (50 hrs)

  • Trauma-Informed Facilitation with Melbourne Processwork Centre


My greatest gift is holding a deep, safe and compassionate space and walk beside you during your own transformation.
Because I know what it’s like.


Client Love

"Abigail has a beautiful kind nature and makes you feel very comfortable. She is very intuitive and picked up on some underlying issues, giving me some material to take home and read. I felt completely reset and zen after my treatment."

~ Sarah Hamilton Broadley ~

"Thankful that you had us in your home tonight for that beautiful meditation.  Absolutely loved it and the energy in the room was so good and your beautiful soothing voice. Feeling relaxed & invigorated - highly recommend and will definitely be back"

~ Julie Foley ~

"I had a private session and it was an amazing experience. I felt tingling all over my body and could feel the energy that I had been storing starting to release. It was a calm and safe environment and I knew I would be okay when it became quite intense and emotional. Abigail knew when it was enough and slowed down the release so it wasn't too much for me to handle."

~ Kristin Goldrick ~