3 Common Fears That Stop You From Being Courageous [Courageous Living Show Episode 10]

Welcome to the Courageous Living Show Episode 10!

I know that it’s been a while since I’ve recorded a Courageous Living Show as I have been on a journey during this last couple of weeks and months, with all of the pandemic restrictions, as it affects me the same way that it affects you.

The important thing that I really learned during this time is that self care is so paramount.

Self-care is not a luxury anymore.

Self-care is a necessity during these times, especially if you’d like to keep your vibrations up, keep your spirits up, as well as keep your immune system up.

Today, what I wanted to talk about are three of the common fears that stop you from being courageous.

During the last the last couple of episodes, I’ve been talking about the different keys to opening the gate of courage. But, to actually be courageous, there’s still a few things that stop us from being courageous. These include the three common fears.

The first common fear is fearing what others would think of you.

What I mean by this is thinking that others would think about you negatively, that they’ll criticise you, or put you down, or start to not like you.

First of all, for strangers or people who are not in your close circle…

The truth is, a lot of people really only think about themselves and what they’re doing. They’re most likely thinking like you, which would be wondering what you would think of them.

A lot of people are concentrated more on what will make their life better.

Concentrate on you first.

Everything else will be impacted from the choices that you make, so it’s up to you what choices you make and what changes you make in your life.

Second, if you’re concerned about what your family might think…

One of the things that I’ve realised across all of these years is that if you are changing something in yourself that will really benefit you a lot and is for your highest good, most people will welcome it.

They might not join you in it, but they’ll definitely welcome it, and they will probably say to themselves or say to you, “Good on you for doing for making that change.”

When you change or you do something like that, you actually pave the way for others as well. When others find that you’re able to do it, why not them?

That’s one of the things that I really learned during my own journey is that sometimes, I’ve become a way-shower. With me doing all of these changes within myself and my life, others think that they probably can do it too.

If however, sometimes it’s not always a positive comment towards you…. if some people criticise you, or put you down. When that happens, its actually more a reflection on them than it is on you.

Because it’s actually quite possible that you are shining a light on some of their own dark areas where they know they also need to make a change, but they’re afraid to as well.

And you doing something can actually in the long run can be very supportive to others as well. And if you still find that when you’re doing something healthy for yourself but some people, especially the ones who are close to you or important to you, are not on board with it, or just really totally against it, then that’s something definitely to reflect on, and to question.

When I started meditating, someone very very close to me at that time was basically criticising it because he said that I’m a different person because I’m so quiet, mostly because I kind of dropped a lot of drama. When I started meditating, I realised I don’t need drama anymore in my life but because this person is so addicted to the drama, then that’s where I’m getting the flack for it, in a way.

So I really reflected long and hard about that relationship and I can definitely tell you that I don’t have that relationship with that person anymore because I realised that in the end, I only like to choose loving and respectful relationships.

The second common fear is being afraid to fail.

A lot of us are really afraid to fail. I know for myself, I’ve definitely made the easy decisions before because I was afraid to fail and all of the repercussions behind it. When the truth is that I know that if I made the harder decision, I knew that I could handle it.

Everyone that you may know who is successful right now all started somewhere. They started somewhere small and they built it from there.

When you start somewhere, you build your muscles around stepping out of your comfort zone and even build your courage muscles.

And like what a wonderful mentor of mine kept on telling me during this last year, is that…

Failure is feedback.

It’s all feedback. They’re all lessons. They tell you where you may need to improve and where it probably doesn’t work for you. They may tell you where it doesn’t resonate with you or with your audience or wherever you’re trying to do.

The third common fear is fearing that you are not enough.

This is when you feel that you’re not enough, you’re not good enough, you don’t know enough. This is the one that actually stops you from being courageous and doing what you desire or making a change.

Ask yourself questions around what’s behind you feeling that you’re not enough.

Is it because you want everything to be perfect?

Is it because you feel like you always have to study something first and get certified in so many areas of study, or whatever it might be that you’re wanting to pursue?

Do you have to have a PhD or a double PhD in order to start something, like start a business or create your invention or whatever it might be?

What’s the real reason behind what’s telling your who’s telling you that you’re not enough?

Have you been conditioned since you were young and told that you’re never good enough or that you’re never going to make it?

Are those voices real?

The truth is you are enough. You have a lot of resources within you.

Whatever it is that you desire is something that’s most likely in line with your inner resources at this time.

So start there. Start with your strengths. Start with what you love about yourself. Start with what people tell you that you’re good at and take it from there.

That’s it!

I hope that I have shed some light on the three common fears that could be stopping you from being courageous in your life, or making a change, or going for what you desire.

I’d really love to hear from you. And if you need support, please do get in touch.