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Slide courage is
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I was 12 years old when I crafted my own life. I knew what I wanted to happen. I knew what my inner resources where and I used them as my diving board. If life threw me lemons, I'd come back to this same life view.

But life hasn't always been joyful. I've had my share of "unexplained" depression and anxiety, plus a number of health issues that were all of a sudden in front of me.

Because I had conditioned myself I can do it all, it took one fateful night being rushed to the hospital to realise that I needed help.

Thus, started my journey of delving deeper. Even if my life looked awesome on the outside, it was pretty much hell on the inside. I realised life wasn't all about pursuing goals.

Without a deep connection to self, nothing was truly enjoyable.

Slide spiritually grounded I combine a decade of self-healing experience and official training to provide you the best care, support and guidance on your journey. International Meditation Teachers and Therapists

Resilience is a skill. Its a sliding scale to measure how you’re able to go back into the flow of your life, whatever that means for you at the timing that’s right for you.

According to, “Resilience is “the ability to navigate through adversity, to effectively adapt to change and thrive.” It means having to cultivate a sense of calm, clarity and stability, even when things are stressful and overwhelming.

To be clear, resilience is not simply about bouncing back from adversity; it’s about dealing with disruptive forces while adapting with integrity in response to changing circumstances, eventually leading to the experience of thriving.

Adaptive resilience is a skill that can be deliberately cultivated and developed in the face of chronic negative stress and constantly increasing demands, complexity and change.”

If you’re new to personal development and non-mainstream-taught concepts (but have an absolutely proven basis to them), this course is for you. Or if you just like to join a group, I’ll be glad for you to come along.

Week 1: The resilience + growth journey and building self-awareness

I present the various states we can find ourselves in to become aware of where we’re at in our lives. It requires reflection and hindsight because by knowing what our patterns were, we can choose to change it if it doesn’t serve us.

Week 2: Know thy body and consciously respond to physical stressors.

I’m sharing the basics of our physiology, how we respond to stress and a practical process to manage stress. I will show that we do have control and we have choice, no matter what our body type or health history is. This is how we start the journey of being physically resilient to whatever life throws at us.

Week 3: Using the power of your mind to set you up for success

We get intimate with our mental thoughts and understand how it works. We will learn a valuable skill to be in control of our mind and use its power for our health and wellness.

Week 4: Creating a relationship with your emotions and learning to love yourself

We go deeper and get in touch with our hearts and the various emotions she brings. We become friends with all our emotions, not just the positive ones. We learn to navigate her wave through a couple of tools so you can choose which boat is the right fit for you.

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build your courage from within

Courage is more than bravery, doing the things you never felt you could do.

Courage is more than "fear walking".

Courage requires alignment of heart, body, mind and soul.

When courage lives in your heart, it fuels you.

You feel it in your body, it moves you.

Courage grows when in step with your values.

I'm here to share with you what's possible. You can be more, do more, exceed what you thought possible.

Whatever your history, whatever your background,  you have the power within you to make a change,  to live the life you desire on your own terms.

During my own personal journey, I've failed, I've healed, I've grown, I've triumphed.

Taking what I've learned, I can guide and support you on your own journey.

A life of wonderful possibilities awaits, are you ready to take the leap?


if not now, when?

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the book of emotions

In 2017, I contributed to Anna Linder‘s heart project to explore PEACE, FEAR, JOY and COURAGE. Writing has always served as an ever-evolving map into my inner world and a constant companion to my own healing and growth.

May this book serve as a guide to everybody and anybody who has shut down or lost their internal navigation system in life.


Welcome to Episode 09! In this episode, I talk about CURIOSITY, the 4th key to opening the gate of courage: - why its important to bring about changes in your life - how to stimulate curiosity - how stimulating feelings of awe contributes to personal and collective wellbeing I give you self-inquiry questions also on how to apply curiosity to your challenges in life....


learn Reiki for self-care and/or be in service to others

Awaken your natural healing abilities through the Reiki training and attunement process.

Reiki is the ancient act of laying on of hands on the human or animal body to comfort or relieve pain.

It can either be done directly or distantly. This energy healing modality has been passed down from Dr Mikao Usui who lived in the 19th century.

Reiki has been known to complement all other forms of healing, including medicine and psychology.

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my story

I love and live courageously, always aiming to step through the barriers that stop me from living and loving fully. My life adventures pour out in my writing, which have been featured in Rebelle Society and The Urban Howl.

I feel that I've lived a very unconventional life, having been born and raised in the Philippines and smashed every ceiling that my culture of origin and my current society has on women.I look back through the last four decades of my life and I could see that nothing would stop me from doing more, being more, and becoming more.It feels like my life shows that anything is possible.At 21, I got married and had my first child.At 28, I moved my family to Australia to give my daughters a better future.At 30, I reclaimed my physical fitness.At 35, I left my marriage to choose only loving and respectful relationships.At 37, I delved deeper to heal the wounds of my past.While all that was going on and adjusting to being a single mum to two teenage daughters, I became a subject matter expert in my field of work and not having once dropped the ball on my professional career.With four Scorpios in my natal chart, I am no stranger to the swirl of emotions within myself. My ongoing journey of self-discovery and inner transformation has enabled me to start thriving in life.Eventually, it led me to undergoing training so that I can share what I know more widely.I'm a Certified Embodied Inner Alchemy™ Women's Facilitator and Practitioner (specialising in Women's Circles and Somatic Breath-work and Energetic Body-work), Reiki Master Teacher, Magnified Healing® 1st Phase Master Teacher,  and Certified Meditation Teacher and Holistic Counsellor with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

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