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To thriving being a single working mum in a place where you've started a new life.

I share mindset & practical tools that transformed my life from burnout, anxious, helpless to nourished, joyful & abundant.

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I'm here to live a life, not half a life.
About Me
Abi is a big hearted and generous soul. She is gentle yet strong in the way she holds a non-judgemental, safe space for you to be present and let go during a session. I have worked with Abi before and the openness and vulnerability that she has shared made me more comfortable to be open as well. I highly recommend her.
The breath work was so effective that in the session I experienced a whole life cycle. My body and mind went from growing old and dying to being re-birthed again and this allowed me to realise that I am no longer the same person, that I have been given a chance to re-create my life and the perception I have of my career and abilities.
Mary Diamond
I would like to thank Abigail for her 4 weeks meditation classes. I have enjoyed every minute of it and looked forward to every Monday to come and take the time for myself away from every day life and responsibility. She has been able to intuitively find where I was at and guide me back to calmness. Thank you.
Katerina Branzovsky