my story

I love and live courageously, always aiming to step through the barriers that stop me from living and loving fully. My life adventures pour out in my writing, which have been featured in Rebelle Society and The Urban Howl.

I feel that I've lived a very unconventional life, having been born and raised in the Philippines and smashed every ceiling that my culture of origin and my current society has on women.

I look back through the last four decades of my life and I could see that nothing would stop me from doing more, being more, and becoming more.

It feels like my life shows that anything is possible.

At 21, I got married and had my first child.

At 28, I moved my family to Australia to give my daughters a better future.

At 30, I reclaimed my physical fitness.

At 35, I left my marriage to choose only loving and respectful relationships.

At 37, I delved deeper to heal the wounds of my past.

While all that was going on and adjusting to being a single mum to two teenage daughters, I became a subject matter expert in my field of work and not having once dropped the ball on my professional career.

With four Scorpios in my natal chart, I am no stranger to the swirl of emotions within myself. My ongoing journey of self-discovery and inner transformation has enabled me to start thriving in life.

build your courage from within

Courage is not just about "fear walking".

Courage is not just about being brave to do what you never felt you could.

Courage requires a total alignment of heart, body, mind and soul.

It lives in your heart and fuels you.

You have to feel it in your body for it to move you.

It must be aligned with your values for you to manifest it.

And most of all, your soul is calling you to jump off the diving board of life.

if not now, when?