Self-Loving Reiki and Guidance Session

Empower Yourself

Take an active stance towards your own healing.

Commit to releasing any physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual dis-ease, pain points and/or blocks that are stopping you from living in an empowered way.

It’s time to start loving yourself deeply.

What is a Self-Loving Reiki and Guidance Session?

A Self-Loving Reiki and Guidance Session is a combination of Reiki healing and Inner Wisdom Guidance session. Please see the Self-Loving Reiki Healing Session service for more details on Reiki.

This is a more engaged session between healer and client. During the session, we’ll work on bringing awareness to how you view your current dis-ease, discomfort, or blockages. We’ll work towards understanding and unpacking their possible root cause using the wisdom of the chakras, while using Reiki to facilitate healing.

Aside from what is already included in the Self-Loving Reiki Healing Session, your session may include one or a combination of any of the following depending on your current needs and what comes up during your session. Each of these is facilitated with your active participation and your level of openness to your own healing:

  • Facilitation of either an energy or emotional release
  • Healing through colour
  • Healing through sound
  • Healing through crystals
  • Reclaiming the heart
  • Releasing ties that bind
  • Uncovering and releasing patterns and resolving karmic debts

After the Reiki laying-on of hands is completed, you will have a chance to debrief about your experience. We will also aim to come up with an ongoing integration and nurturing plan that is suitable for you as you continue your healing journey.

You will walk away feeling clearer, energetically aligned and empowered.

This session can be provided in-person at Caroline Springs VIC (address to be given at booking) or digitally via Skype. If we haven’t worked with each other before, please make a booking for a Self-Loving Reiki Healing Session first.

Note: I currently only work with women and accept male clients by referral.
Duration: 2-3 hours
Your Investment: $180 per session. Receive a 20% discount (save $108) when you commit to at least three sessions.

Book your Self-Loving Reiki and Guidance Session below. Please note, your booking will be completed via PayPal.