Sacred Feminine Energy Healing

Lighten the load in your heart

…from past or current unresolved emotional baggage, whether it be from grief from the death of a beloved or the end of a romantic relationship, the pain of a friendship that has gone astray, feelings of rejection, not receiving the love you desire from your parents, or any other events that have caused pain to your heart and have moved you to shut down, close off or be quite distant when certain life situations come up.

You know this is you when:

  • you shy away from the idea of having a romantic partner (quite possibly again)
  • you don’t let friends get too close
  • you live your life in nostalgia or dreaming of a perfect relationship
  • you perceive everyone’s actions as against you
  • you only usually see the negative in people and situations
  • you easily burst into anger or your emotions get easily triggered

Unreleased and unexpressed emotions also tend to build up on the physical level. Unexpressed sadness and grief can show up as chronic pain in the upper back, especially the area behind your heart. A hunched back is also an indication of closing off one’s heart.

Your heart can be quite resilient but shutting down or holding on to emotions takes a lot of energy and will not bring you any closer to a fulfilling life. It can also eventually manifest into physical dis-ease.

Take the first steps to opening your heart

Let me support you to release what’s been blocked and take the first steps to opening your heart. Once your heart is open, you’ll be able to express yourself naturally and authentically.

This will be done through 3 sessions so that your heart, body and energy can have the actual experience of feeling safe with your healer to go deep and open yourself to healing. This needs to happen not just on a mental level but also on a cellular level where change is lasting.

First Session: Heart Energy Clearing and Healing

In your first session with me, we’ll establish your intention for seeking support and you’ll receive:
✓ A detailed assessment of the current defense mechanisms you’ve unconsciously built to protect your heart
✓ Intuitively Guided Meditation session to reconnect with your heart
✓ Intuitively-guided somatic and energy healing

Through the Unconditional Loving Healing Energy of Reiki, your energy body will be prepared for the healing. This will help remove any blockages from your chakras and help them spin healthily again. It’ll also help you become more aware of both your physical and energy body so you can release whatever you may be holding on to.

The intuitively-guided somatic and energy healing is conducted lying down on your back on a massage bed or seated. It generally includes the laying-on of hands or hovering over on various parts of your body using Reiki, the movement of stagnant energy from your chakras, and/or the somatic release of tension from your meridian points together with conscious breath-work. Your consent and preferences will be established prior to your healing session, and rest assured that your healer will devise the healing that will best support you.

This is a revolutionary method that reconnects your mind with the vast intelligence of your body, heart and soul. It also doesn’t require for any past traumatic experiences or emotional disturbances to be relived for it to work. Should they come up, your healer will safely guide you and support you towards the healing you need.

Your healing session concludes with a debrief of your experience and coaching to assist you in making the behavioural changes to meet your intention.

Clients have been known to walk away after the session feeling mentally and emotionally clear, at peace, grounded, energised, and empowered in their sacred feminine selves.

You’re invited to book the 2nd and 3rd session to complete your Sacred Feminine Energy healing. 


Second Session: Somatic Release and Opening

Somatic Therapy engages with your body in her wholeness, through the same mechanisms your body already has to heal herself. I’ll support you to consciously tap into these areas without having to relive your experience and help release the stored emotions.

Third Session: Forgiveness and Moving Forward

Forgiveness is a state of not waiting for anything and not wanting for anything, according to Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Its not about condoning the behaviour but a conscious forgiveness of the other’s personality and your own, the effect of which is a complete peace of mind and lightness of heart. You are free to go. You are free to be.

The third session will start with a Reiki Healing and Chakra Balancing then you’ll be guided on a somatic process for a heart reconciliation from soul to soul.

These sessions require your conscious engagement if you’d like to receive the full benefit. You’re invited to become an active participant to your own healing. That means not just lying down on the massage bed, but a conscious participation through breath-work, making some physical gestures related to your intention, expressing your intention, letting the healer know how your body and your heart are feeling at any time, and speaking what needs to be released.


Where: This session can be provided in-person at Caroline Springs, VIC (address to be given at booking), or digitally via Skype/Zoom.

How long: 1.5 hours to 3 hours for in-person and Skype/Zoom clients. Each session will be scheduled about 1-2 weeks apart (but no longer) to build on the energy of each session. All dates will need to be scheduled in advance.

Your Investment: $180 per session OR $450 upfront for all 3 sessions (save $90). Payment can be made via Direct Debit or via PayPal which accepts credit card payment.

Cancellation Policy:

For per-session payments: If payment is received more than 3 days ahead of your session and you cancel more than 3 days from session date, you’ll receive full refund. Cancellation within 72 hours of your session will incur 50% fee. If no payment is made 72 hours before session, session is automatically cancelled.

For package payment: If payment is received more than 3 days ahead of your first session and you cancel more than 3 days from session date, you’ll receive full refund.

Cancellation within 72 hours of any of your sessions will incur $90 fee and you’ll have lost that session out of your package. If no payment is made 72 hours before first session, the package booking is automatically cancelled.

Sessions can be cancelled within 72 hours due to sickness but a medical certificate will need to be provided to receive full refund.

Re-Scheduling policy:

Sessions can be rescheduled if advised more than 3 days ahead of your session. I cannot guarantee you’ll receive your new session date within 1-2 weeks of your last session.

Sessions can be rescheduled within 72 hours of your session if due to sickness and if you provide a medical certificate. If due to other reasons, you’ll incur a $40 fee.

No-show and no advise means no refund.

Guarantee policy:

If you feel the healing has not been beneficial to you at all after the first session, you can claim full refund within 2 days after the first session, no questions asked.

You’ll be required to sign a Client Booking Agreement with these terms together with your payment. This will show respect for my time and your commitment to your healing journey.