Reiki Distant Healing

Experience Unconditional Love and Support with Reiki Distant Healing

Reiki Distant Healing can support you:

  • If you require healing but currently unable to book an in-person or online Self-Loving Reiki Healing Session
    • If you are always on the go and would like support during specific days of the week (maximum of five consecutive days can be requested)
    • If you have a very important life event occurring in the future (e.g. a life-changing meeting, a court case, a presentation, etc.) and you would like a great outcome.
    • If you are scheduled for surgery or any medical / dental procedure and would like a successful result.
    • If you are scheduled to travel and would like to be kept safe.
    • If you have a specific intention and would like the best possible outcome.

    Reiki always works for the Highest Good of all, which may not be as your mind intends.

    My experience has shown me that Reiki is a gentle yet powerful healing energy that works with Unconditional Love from the Divine / God / Universe / Highest Spirit / All-Seeing- One. The energy always goes where it is needed with focused intent, a clear channel and an open receiver.

    Being a Reiki Master Teacher, I have been equipped with tools to provide Reiki healing even without seeing clients face-to-face. I love how that enables the healing to be provided in a limitless way, regardless of place, time, distance, and accessibility.

    Reiki is NOT a religion and has no dogma. You do not need to believe in Reiki or Distant Healing for it to work. All you need to do
    is be receptive it and be open to positive changes in yourself and the Highest Good.

    Please see the Self-Loving Reiki Healing Session page for more details on Reiki.

There is no order of difficulty in miracles.
– A Course in Miracles

How can Reiki Distant Healing support your loved ones?

Reiki Distant Healing can support your loved ones in the same way that it can support you. Please note that it can only be provided to your loved ones if they have expressed their consent to receiving a Reiki Healing. If your loved one is incapacitated, like in
a coma or unable to express, I will be checking in with their soul prior to sending healing. If permission is not granted, I will send the healing where it is needed in your situation.

Distant Healing sessions can be provided in the evening from Mondays to Fridays, or daytime on Saturdays and Sundays.

Your Investment: $90 per session.

Please fill out this form prior to booking. Kindly provide as much as information as you are comfortable sharing so that I may be able to clearly facilitate the healing. You will be informed via email after the Distant Healing has been sent.

Book your Reiki Distant Healing Session below. Please note, your booking will be completed via PayPal.