Women’s Safe Space

Fridays, 6:30pm-8:30pm
Caroline Springs, VIC 3023

Empowering Circle: 20th April 2018
Circle Series: 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd June 2018

Women’s Reiki Training


Reiki Level 1 : 23-24th June 2018
Reiki Level 2 : 2nd-3rd June 2018
Caroline Springs, VIC


Join a Women’s Safe Space Gathering to get in touch with your self, to regain your power and reconnect with your empowered feminine self.

It’s an opportunity for you to share openly from your authentic self, be witnessed without judgment, assumption or being fixed/rescued, and receive the support that only sisterhood brings.

BUT WE WON’T JUST BE SITTING AROUND. There will be meditation, breath-work, movement, sound, journalling, healing, and plenty of opportunities for you to explore what being empowered and feminine means to you so that you walk away with an embodied learning that you can take into your world however and whenever you choose.

Contact Abigail to reserve your seat.

Practice Self-Compassion, not Self-Judgment: 20th April 2018

“Insecurity, anxiety, and depression are incredibly common in our society, and much of this is due to self-judgment, to beating ourselves up when we feel we aren’t winning in the game of life.” – Dr Kristin Neff

You’re invited to a Women’s Safe Space circle where we will be exploring what self-compassion means and how that looks, sounds and feels like. If you’ve always been curious what all the “self-love” talk is about (which is very different from narcissism), I believe that self-compassion is key to guide you on your way.

In this circle, you’ll be taught the somatic way to:

– gain awareness around your inner critic who always judges and shames you in everything you say, do and be.

– learn how to speak with that inner critic so you can calm her down

– practice getting in touch with your loving self so that you can hear her more and her voice becomes louder

This is powerful work I can attest to. Awareness is the start and Self-Love is the medicine. When you’re aware, you can change. When you fumble, you give yourself the support that you need.

NOTE: There will be “partner” work in this circle. I would recommend bringing a friend or someone you know so that you both have the language to support each other in case each of you will need it. Even if you don’t bring a friend, its ok because the women who come are very lovely, you’ll be paired up, and everyone is asked to sign a Confidentiality Agreement.

April Empowering Circle


Friday, 6:30pm to 8:30pm
20th April 2018


Caroline Springs, VIC 3023
[Exact address to be given upon booking]


Please email abi [at] abigailtamsi [dot] com for any inquiries or to reserve your spot.

Your Investment

AUD 36

Building Emotional Resilience: 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd June 2018
The quality of your emotional world makes up a large part of your experience of life. As a woman, you naturally navigate the world based on how you feel, even if society doesn’t fully recognise this and always wishes to play the logical path.

But the truth is, even if you don’t admit it, a lot of tour decisions are based on how we feel. You would almost always do the same thing over and over if you experience pleasant feelings such as joy, fun, and kindness. I doubt if you would consciously subject yourself more than once to an experience that causes you grief, discomfort and the like unless there were extenuating circumstances.

Unpleasant emotions are akin to feeling physical pain and just as you wouldn’t consciously burn yourself, you would most likely tend to avoid emotional pain.

BUT unpleasant emotions are a part of life. They’re a part of the human experience. When you’re not able to handle them is when wellness problems such as depression, anxiety, or self-harm can arise, or you may attempt to unhealthily manage them through addiction of any kind, whether it be food, alcohol, drugs, sex, shopping, etc.

You’re invited to a 4-week Women’s Safe Space series to learn how to build emotional resilience.

In this series, you will learn the 4 pillars:
1. Self-Awareness: becoming aware when you’re in the grip of emotional turmoil or about to
2. Self-Compassion : learning how to speak to yourself in the midst of emotional challenges
3. Self-Healing : moving your emotions from your body and energy
4. Self-Care : giving yourself what you need

These 4 pillars comprise the holistic way of managing emotions, combining mindfulness, emotional intelligence, somatic re-learning and energy medicine for lasting change. You will come away with a range of tools to support yourself when those crucial, unexpected moments come up.

You deserve to be enjoying life to its fullest, not wallowing in the comfort of your bed for days on end. Start thriving today.

June Empowering Circle Series


Fridays, 6:30pm to 9:00pm
1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd June 2018


Caroline Springs, VIC 3023
[Exact address to be given upon booking]


Please email abi [at] abigailtamsi [dot] com for any inquiries or to reserve your spot.

Your Investment

EARLY BIRD by 1st May: AUD 144

Cancellation Policy: 

  • Full refund will be given for any event date re-schedule or cancellation.
  • Full refund will be given for cancellation more than 7 days from event date.
  • Cancellation within 7 days of event date will not be refunded.

Feedback About These Events

“I have enjoyed all of your events. I have received comments from staff at work, saying I seem calmer & less stressed, I am happy to hear the feedback.

I put it down to your guidance, I do feel its helping me deal with challenging issues in my life. I look forward to the next circle. Thank you so much for being there when I needed help.”

~ Linda 

“I felt very welcomed & I was able to open up & be myself. Very warm & calming atmosphere. I believe I will be back on track to being the compassionate person I once new.

Abigail is a warm & compassionate Lady. I feel everything she demonstrates is from the heart.

Abigail has a beautiful soul, her intentions are to help others. I want to be around people like her.”

~ Anonymous

“I would like to thank Abigail for her 4 weeks meditation classes. I have enjoyed every minute of it and looked forward to every Monday to come and take the time for myself away from every day life and responsibility. She has been able to intuitively find where I was at and guide me back to calmness. Thank you.”

~ Katerina Branzovksy

“Thank you so much for bringing this class to my local area. I really enjoyed this morning’s session, and look forward to attending each week. Sometimes we need to put ourselves first, and its something I usually don’t do. As soon as I found out about this, I knew it was for me, and I am so glad I took that step and came along.”

~ Sue Volpe

“I was one of the attendees this morning, it was great and just what I needed. Such a lovely way to start the weekend, thank you Abigail. You held a lovely space for us all. I highly recommend to others if you’re thinking about it and it was nice to be around like minded women that want to take charge of their minds and thoughts. I think there is no greater gift you could give yourself and your loved ones than to take time out to look after yourself and be at your best!”

~ Katrina