Hi, I'm Abigail.

I'm a Somatic Energy Healer who is passionate about helping women move on from unresolved emotional baggage to a joyful heart and be empowered to live their desired life.

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Hi, I’m Abigail.

I’m a Somatic Energy Healer who is passionate about helping women move on from unresolved emotional baggage to a joyful heart and be empowered to live their desired life.


Upcoming Events

Mindful in May

Mindful in May

6th May 2019, 7:30pm-8:30pm
10th May 2019, 6:30pm-7:30pm



Winter Self-Care &
Personal Leadership Circle

2nd June 2019, 4:00pm-6:00pm


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Looking for a shift in your healing journey

Self-Love Healing Package

Sacred Feminine Energy

Lighten the load in your heart from past or current unresolved emotional baggage, whether it be from grief from the death of a beloved or the end of a romantic relationship, the pain of a friendship that has gone astray, feelings of rejection, not receiving the love you desire from your parents, or any other events that have caused pain to your heart and have moved you to shut down, close off or be quite distant when certain life situations come up.

First Session: Heart Energy Clearing and Healing
Second Session: Somatic Release and Opening
Third Session: Forgiveness and Moving Forward

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Looking to be of sacred service to others

Self-Love Healing Package

Reiki Training

Empower yourself with holistic and natural tools to support your own healing, for your own self-care, to support your loved ones, and/or to be of service to others.

Reiki is the ancient act of laying on of hands on the human or animal body to comfort or relieve pain. It has been passed down by Dr Mikao Usui since the 19th century.

With Reiki Level 1, you can give healing to yourself and your loved ones/friends.
With Reiki Level 2, you can setup a practice and charge for your services.

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Women’s Gatherings

Step into a sacred gathering, called a Women’s Circle, that helps bring about self-awareness, healing, sacred feminine wisdom, feelings of belonging, and spiritual growth. It’s a space where you’re able to explore stepping into the parts of you that you’ve hidden from the world, becoming more of who you know yourself to be, letting go of deeply-held challenging emotions at your own pace, and attempting different ways of expressing and communicating in a safe and supported space.

When you step into circle, you hold yours and every woman’s heart, body, mind and soul with reverence, free from judgment and competition, and in confidence. You promise to hold loving and compassionate space for every woman in the circle, through active listening and opening your heart. And you respect everyone’s uniqueness and appreciate the wisdom that is shared.

These shared agreements enable women from all walks of life, of all sizes and age, to connect and simply be themselves free from any prejudice. In a women’s circle, we connect at a soul level.

If you’d like to experience these, I’d be honoured to sit with you in circle.




“This book on emotions and feelings is created as a guide to everybody and anybody who has shut down or lost their internal navigation system in life.

It opens the door to explore one emotion at a time: anger. freedom, support, vulnerability, trust, hope, shame, peace, fear, joy, grief and courage.”

~ Anna Linder

This book is as real as it gets in exploring different emotions. In writing the chapters I contributed to, I felt my heart break open to the depth and vulnerability that each emotion brings me. At the end of each published essay, I felt in touch more with my truth and empowered to handle my emotions as they come. 

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